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I have not forgotten about GS. : D

So much has happened to me in this year or two I have been gone.

For one thing, I've grown up, realizing the error of my ways and also maturing, because sometimes, I wasn't so mature.

Also, I've been drawing waaaaay too much Sonic and Mario art. I feel that since I last shared my art with you, I havedrastically improved.

And I've moved, and I have the kitten I've always wanted for a month.

I have also developed problems with my health. Esophogitis, G.E.R.D. are to blame. It's no fun. Endoscopies and upper G.I. series, blood samples, bad medications. And most recently I have been so sick, I'm resrticted with water and carbs, losing about 12 pounds in the last 3 weeks. Eck! But I'm working on that. And my insomnia.

Lastly, well, I'm just more optimistic than I used to be. Change is powerful, yes? But I've only mentally changed. My physical appearence is still nearly the same, with different hair. I think that's funny. d:

Just a mental note:

I feel, really nostalgic being here. Coming on everyday after school and chatting with wonderful people for well over 2 years.

I felt like a big kid then, because I was 13 when I started chatting with big kids and even adults, having strong debates and (somewhat) intelligent conversations with people 5, 10, 15 years older than me. I felt smart most of the time.

I'm 15 now, and I would like to thank those who I chatted with over these years. Thank you for making me happy, even during hard times. c:

If I ever have time, I may pop up in a few conversations again.

Weeeeeeell thank you for listening, if anyone wants to listen anymore. x)


Hello GS family, it's been a while I see. I bet no one noticed I was gone. ;) I'm sorry I left you guys, but I've been so busy. School's out now though soooo...~

Well, let's see. I finally got my tablet in February; you know, the one I kept saying I was going to get but never got? Yeah, that thing.

I'm no longer in 8th grade, and I'm 14 now. As you might see, I'm using less smilies because I'm not so internet awkward anymore (understatement of the year, honestly) but I have grown calmer and more well-rounded, more laid back and less tense as I have been gone.

I've gotten more video games, and I'm getting a DSi soon. Not a 3DS because it costs more than a home console, the Wii. (Until Luigi's Mansion 2 comes out...)

I'm drawing more, and getting better, but I'm going back into my lurker shell unfortunately. I do hope I can get back out there.

So, anyway, I'm just giving an update of how I've been. I'm a little nervous about coming back on GS forums. The posters seem to have gotten more vicious as I left. D: