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New Games!

So many new, awesome, exciting games! There's Rage from iD, ES:Skyrim from Bethesda, Battlefield 3 from DICE, Deus Ex from Eidos, and Warhammer from THQ! Definitely not spending 300USD on games this year. Which to buy? Which to rent? Which to not play???

Random but Funny story...

I got my ipod touch a couple weeks ago and it looked great and shiny. Couldn't be more excited to listen to music and play games. After all, loud music = the s***. Last thursday, i tried to listen to the itouch using the earphones because i realized using the speakers eats up the batteries REAL fast. Half a day of tap tap revenge 2(it's summer, i get bored =P ) and the battery is at 20% remaining. Anyways, after putting in the earphones, i found out a surprising fact - one channel didn't work! The left side of the earphones projects NO SOUND. At first i thought it was the earphone, but after using the earphones with my laptop, it sounded fine on both sides. Naturally, i use the itouch with another set of working headphone and the same problem exist.

The very next day i reported to Apple using their online repair thingymabob. It told me my itouch needed repairs. But the funny part is this - they are sending me a box to put my itouch in it and mail it back to them.

About two days later, the box came and after unpacking it i laughed. What was inside was 3 pieces of foam that was suppose to protect the itouch from damage while shipping, a plastic bag, bunch of tape, and instructions. The foam and the instructions are understandable, as for the plastic bag, i have no idea what it's for(no mentioning of the plastic bag when i read the instructions). For the tape, i laughed so hard thinking really? you provide your customers tape for sealing the package? Don't get me wrong, Apple product and the related are very customer/user friendly but they provide us tape? LOLOL!!!

that was the random and funny part...

PS - wondering when ipod touch 3rd gen is available

District 9

This blog contains very little information -

District 9 is a great movie. Go watch it.

The story of why I want to use Ubuntu/Linux

As the title suggested, I will be using Ubuntu/Linux along with Windows.

Why? Actually, problem started a few days ago when I was playing Insurgency on Windows. The game froze for a while and it went back to normal. Generally I don't mind lag/low fps, but this is freezing, you can't move when you are frozen. It was happening so often I actually got so angry and did a virus scan and all sorts of scans. It turned out it was some sort of virus. So I tried to find a way to get rid of them. But like all other virus, they have mutliple ways of getting back on your computer.

The solution I thought of was a clean install of the Windows root file. Like always, I inserted the disk, follow the instruction, blah, blah, blah. After an hour the thing was done. So I started Windows and inserted the motherboard disk. I don't understand why but when I install the ATI driver, my internet goes online. Anyway, whenever I can use the internet the virus came back. So these few days I've been trying to work out a solution.

Just this afternoon, I encountered another problem. It's not a virus problem(at least I don't think so). I couldn't get to Windows! Just right before I boot to the Windows logo/loading screen, I get this weird thing with colored arrow keys or colored letters mixed together in weird formations. So, Windows can't boot to Windows, that ought to be something of a challenge. As if there isn't enough problems already. I'm pretty sure it's a Windows problem because right after that, I quickly installed the Linux/Ubuntu OS. So this computer is now a Linux/Ubuntu-OS-desktop, not a Windows XP desktop like it came.

I know this is a blog but if people can come by and read this and try to solve the weird thing that comes before Windows loading I would really appreciate it.

Going to upgrade? Read this!

Well, summer started things are getting pretty hot...whatever

Thinking about upgrading? Well, I've just been taught a lesson by my own cousin. You can do anything crazy but just don't upgrade less and spend more money each time. The theory behind it(as he explained, or what I think :D) is that everytime you spend, you will want to get the next best thing(if you don't...stop reading right now OR you can continue and waste your time like I just did to you because you are reading this but don't stop) thus taking more money out of that already-almost-emptied-pocket(and if you are rich...stop reading and donate).

So the solution is to upgrade more frequently, but each time cheap and with the least upgrade(key word being upgrade, frequent, and cheap). Don't get me wrong, this isn't a rant about me hating or sort about people who upgrade often. It's simply about opinion of a person(i.e. cousin...don't be too trustworthy either). Finding something you like can be hard and sometimes not as appealing to one as one may think. Just think about all those things you've done without it being your liking...where am I going with this? No where :)

Anyway, just remember upgrade more and cheap = savings. Unless you really need to do something with the soon-to-be-yours-pc-components. Whether that be getting something you REALLY like to run on it or just showing off the new best thing.

PS - if anyone want to know why not upgrade less and cheap...well, you aren't quite an enthusiast gamer are you now? Why did I just say that? One, to piss anyone who is offended. Two, make you feel stupid if you did that. Three, the real reason, upgrading less frequent means not keeping up to date but if you are buying something cheap and not keeping up to date...well, I can't really find anything nicer to describe your PC than crap.

If anyone have any objections or whatever feel free to post or leave a message after the tone.