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Well. Its been fun but i am going to move on to a newer more attractive site.. Please.. Dont make this any more difficult than this already is... Its just... I cant wake up every morning thinking about the incodent.. I am sure we will meet other websites and we will forget we ever knew eachother.. I have spent 3 long years living a lie.. So... Goodbye :cry:

Rise Against New album October 7th.

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My favorite band of all time, Rise Against is releasing a new album October 7th. But if that is too long for some people, they released a cover for the song "Little Boxes", originally written In 1962, by Malvina Reynolds "a song that, even today, rings true in it's stark critique of both homogenized suburbia and society's pressure to succeed." says Rise Against.

The official story can be found Here.

Personal 9800GTX DX10 Benchmark.

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After almost a week of waiting, my video card finally arrived yesterday at around 4:00PM. Naturally i began right away playing all the games i missed because of poor framerate..

After screwing around with crysis and call of juarez in dx10 (probably the two most demanding games i own, one because it looks so awesome and one because its poorly optimized. You guess which is which.) i decided to make a little benchmark blog of my own.

all the games were powered by a 9800GTX, E4500 @3.0GHz, 2gb of ram with windows vista 64-bit. GPU clocks: Core/Shader/Memory 700/1750/1100

All of the games were run in DX10, maxed out (except crysis) at 1280x1024.

Crysis, all high settings (shaders on very high), DX10, 2x AA.

Average: 29.73

Max: 38.61

Minimum: 19.84

Company of Heroes, maxed out, 4x AA, DX10.

Average: 45.1

Max: 62.5

Minimum: 29.3

Call of Juarez, Maxed out, 4x AA.

Average: 26.8

Max: 52.3

Minimum: 15.9 (wow)

Bioshock, maxed out. (results not 100% accurate)

Average: 90

Max: 180 (accurate)

Minimum: 36 (accurate)

There you have it, four DX10 games at perfectly playable FPS.

4th of July in a nutshell.

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For Americans it was time to celibrate us gaining out freedom from those damn brits (j/k i love you guys :D) by lighting a bunch of explosives (fireworks) and eating the flesh of pigs and cows (BQQ). To make it simple, i will just list it in time.

12:00PM woke up to the sound of my brother and nephew yelling at me to go get fireworks with them (im the only one who had any money)

12:45PM finally got to the firework tent after much frustration with directions. Bought well over 400 bottle rockets, 24 mortors, about 50 shells, 200 firecrackers (M80's), 40 sparklers (for nephew, he is 3), a couple of boxes of poppers and smoke bombs, a value pack full of crappy non-exploding ground fireworks and about 20 roman candles.

2:00 began cooking the massive feast for 10 while we shoot off some of the small crap (bottle rockets, firecrackers, poppers and smokebombs)

2:20 scared the crap out of my brother by lighting a firecracker and stuffing it down his shirt

2:21 got scared by my brother shooting me with a bottle rocket.

3:00PM talking to friends and family while playing little pranks on eachother.

4:00 ran out of firecrackers after hundreds of pranks, went down to the tent to find that they were out of the good firecrackers, had to get cheap ones in which half were duds.

4:30 began to eat early, while still playing pranks on eachother, half of which were foiled due to duds.

6:00 Began to get dark, started lighting off motors, got stupid and place the wrong mrtor shell in the wrong tube, morter went up about 10 feet in the air, fell to the ground then blew up causing everyone to duck for cover.

7:00PM accedently started a bottle rocket war with the neighbors when we ran out of the big stuff.

7:10 found a PBC pipe and used it as a bazooka to fight the neigbors.

8:00 neighbors called the copsafter we accedently shot one of them in the face (PBC pipes + bottle rockets = headshots)

9:00 ran out of everything except roman candles.. naturally we had a roman candle fight.

9:30 roman candle fight ended when tree almost caught fire

10:00PM began drinking.. self explanitory.

11:00PM thought it would be a good idea to start another roman candle fight for some reason, went back to firework tent.. luckely they were closed.

12:00ish went home and went to bed with blistered and burnt fingers.

My favorite time of the year :D

Shadows of a Commander is in Effect for Monster Slaying!

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Been playing alot of games recently, the other day i picked up Supreme Commander at my local Game Stop, I wasnt too impressed with the store itself as it only had a handful of good PC games, most of which I already own. But they did have a few good titles, I was stuck between either Supreme Commander or Sins of a Solar Empire. I had already played a game similar to Sins of a Solar Empire so i decided to skip on that (And the added fact that Supreme Commander was only 20 bucks). When I got home I quickly installed the game, but shortly before playing it, I realised that i needed to go somewhere. The rest of the day I was just thinking of playing it, I couldnt wait till i got home to start on what would be the best RTS that i have ever played. After a horrible day of running around a burning up money, I was exhausted and could hardly comprehend what was going on around me much less what to do in a strategy game.. But, fueled by passion and excitement, I started a new game.. About 30 minutes in I realised i was in no state to think. So I decided to go to bed early.. The next morning I woke up an immediately began playing again, more aware of what was going on I completed 2 whole levels (mind you one level takes about 2-3 hours to complete) before I got interrupted again to do some household chores.

So overall Supreme commander has been really fun for me. But it wont be much longer before Mass Effect and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadows of Chernobyl grasp my attention again. I got S.T.A.L.K.E.R. along with my motherboard when I ordered my parts.. So I have had to for a fairly long time.. I just had not gotten around to playing it yet... I have to say I am really impressed with it so far. The real living, breathing world is very interesting.. You cant really get the same encounter twice unless you try, and the added fact that ammunition and weapons are some-what rare at times, it forces you to conserve your ammo and take a more stealthy approach. If you take a look at my Xfire profile i have a few videos on it (i think) to check them out if you want. I am still unsure if i want to write a review on it because it isnt really a new game. But expect more blog posts on it in the future.

Last game on my list is Mass Effect, I did play the 360 version of the game so I am not sure if I am going to complete it on the PC version or not. It was already a great game on the 360 but im not sure how much better it is on the PC as I have only gotten past the first planet because of the massive frame rate problems (see Xfire videos). So again.. This game must be put on the "Finish after you get a new video card" list. That makes it five games so far on the list.. Not so good. The good news it that I am ordering my video card this Wednesday (I promise!!) so i should be pretty busey game-wise next week.

Sense I brought it up, CD Projekt Red is coming out with a new updated version of The Witcher in a few months.. So I decided to hold off on it until then (was on my "Finish after you get a new video card" list).. It was a hard choice considering how far I am in the game and how enjoyable it has been, but I am going to be playing it again when the updates are out anyways so I thought that I might as well.

*Insert Godfather pun here*

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A little update, ive been playing a bit of the overshadowed game Mafia, so far i like it way more than any GTA game ive ever played. I am about mid way through the game right now and it is simply an amazing game and deserves way more credit and popularity than it got. After i finish that game i plan on moving back to the witcher and finishing that up (should be about the time i get my new video card) It should only take me about 10 hours at the most because ive already completed most of the game already. After that im going to take a little break from games to explore this amazing adventure game called "Real Life", its kind of an old game but i hear its really good :P.

After playing Mafia for a while, i look on the great interwebz and found a trailer of Mafia 2.. If its anything like the first game it could be game of the year in my books.

The World With Dissociative Identity Disorder.

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So I bought Two Worlds just now on steam.. Downloading as i type this. I hear its a love it or hate it game, most people who are into hardcore RPGs like myself tend to enjoy it, others who's idea of a great RPG is oblivion tend to hate it. I am kind of worried on how it will run on my computer but im getting a new video card very soon (i swear!) so im not all that worried. You can expect a review on it later in the year at about octoberish... got alot of reviews to write and games to play so dont be surprised if it gets pushed back even further.

On a personal note, i might be writing blogs and reviews professionally sometime in the future, my sister is starting an online "News Paper" which will focus on the "Myspace genration" along with news that interests todays youth you will also see game previews/reviews done by me and some other people. No word yet on when it is going to be started but ill sure to keep everyone updated on it. Hopefully it will turn into a big success and i can move on to something bigger (gamespot employee perhaps? *cough* come on Kevin! *cough*). But all this is just a huge maybe and more of a dream of mine.

On a different gaming note, ive been playing a "bit" of Mount and Blade lately, bought the beta version so I dont have to buy it when it comes out. So far i am very impressed with the people that made it. They are a very small company with big ideas and even bigger dreams.. with a tiny budget and staff they have created something that can compete with Sid Meier's Pirates. The game takes place in the medieval era and you take control of a small army and move about the land taking castles and helping kings with their lust for power. The gameplay is varried, you have an overhead map in which you move about the land and engage with other armies may it be friendly or not. Then depending on your actions, you can make or break an empire. Then there is the battle field view, were you erm, fight the battles. There is nothing like commanding your cavalry to charge the enemy flank.. battles consist of standard field battles were the only objective is to kill or be killed to seige and defencive battles were you actually fight for land. The full game should be available around september of this year and will be availible for about 30 dollars USD. You can buy the beta now for only $20 USD and not have to pay for the full version.. buying it now will help fund the games development and help make an overall better game. Check out for more info.

Thats it for this blog.. check back for more updates on all your favorite PC Hardware and RPG updates.

The Empire of Jade.

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Finished Jade empire last night. It's a very unique game as no other is set in ancient asia. It is just another game in my long line of RPG addiction.. only problem is idk what other RPG to play to satisfy it. If you could please recommend me a good RPG off of steam i would greatly appreciate it.

All that aside, expect a review on it next month.. as well as one for Neverwinter Nights 2. Those are going to be the last two for a a while till i can get a new video card and complete the witcher and other graphicly demanding RPGs.

as for what im playing now. I bought audiosurf off of steam the other day and have been playing that off and on. Pretty addicting game once you get the hang of it. That is pretty much it till i find a new RPG to play.

This Is My Neverwinter of Whatever. *may contain spoilers*

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It looks like the addiction monster has reared it's ugly head at me *points at xfire mini-profile* 50 some-odd hours in Neverwinter Knights so far this week. Most people would see that as a sign of dedication, I see it as a sign of no-life. It began with a review, tempted to try a new RPG to satisfy my thirst for role-play I quickly got a copy of the game and began playing. at first, the character creation and customization was overwhelming, choosing how my character looked and played was enough, let alone choosing a class, history, alignment and feats. After much thought and consideration, I decided on a human Paladin as my character and began the game. It began very peaceful and in a way, corny as they had me running around doing little tutorial missions disguised as contests for a fair. Things quickly turned chaotic as they had me fighting for my hometown, and after several minutes, they had me on some epic journey that would consume weeks of my life. Minutes quickly turned to hours, hours to days. It was as if I had no free will and all i wanted to do was play some computer game, this is not the first time I have faced addiction, see for yourself on my xfire profile, World of Warcrack, Call of Duty 2 and Oblivion just to name a few. But this may have been the most severe case of addiction yet, it was not like any other I have had before, Oblivion had me spending hours looking for rare items and quests, Call of Duty 2 had me trying to get the best kill to death ratio of my clan, WoW had me trying to level up to raid with friends. This was a very different addiction indeed...

*Spoiler paragraph*

I am still not completely sure what it was about the game that had me playing for so many hours at a time, usually I get tired or bored with a game after the 3 hour mark but this one grabed ahold of me and wouldnt let go untill i was about to pass out from lack of sleep. Something about it, the way the game pulls you into the D&D universe right off the bat and has you rise to power, changing and morphing that universe any way you see fit, making or breaking an entire nation or race. Whatever it was, it had me stairing into my monitor for two weeks. There may have been several factors leading to the addiction, but the only person at fault is me, not Obsidian or the reviewer. What ever it may have been, I know for a fact that the story had a factor in it, at one point in the game, they had me not on a battlefield but in a court room trying to defend myself from a crime i didnt commit. Then another part were I was put in command of a keep and i had to build that keep up to be able to fend off a great army.

*End Spoilers*

Even though i was addicted, addiction can leave you with a bit of experience by the end of it. Knowing the dangers addiction may help you avoid or find new addictions. That being said, list a few games you have been addicted to and tell me what you have learned from the experience.

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