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I think the competition can be good. It probably helps to keep the companies striving to out do the others so we as consumers see more benefit.

As for why we argue I guess it's all about avoiding buyers' remorse. When someone who spent considerable amounts of money on a platform boasts that they can play "game X" which I would like to but can't, I automatically get slightly defensive and think at least I have "game Y". And of course it being the internet and tone of speech is often miscalculated we're suddenly in an argument and my mother's faithfulness to my father is called into question. :D

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With Bioshock if you don't take the time to explore, to listen to all of the audio logs you could be lost, and it could seem like the plot makes no sense. It does, but you just can't run from point a to point b in Bioshock games.

The audio logs are different in Infinite compared to the other games though. In #1&2 they were often small contained stories that added to the overall plot and "feel" (for lack of a better term) and I found listening to these essentially mini stories really interesting and fun. In Infinite they're just more of the main characters' vague and confusing dialogue.

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I prefer TWAU by a long stretch. The setting grabbed me so much more than in TWD. There's something oddly satisfying – maybe it's just the pessimist in me – in seeing the untouchable disney characters that we grew up with weighed down by everyday problems such as meeting rent.