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I'm leaning more towards the 3DS since that will offer you new releases in the future as well as some very good games that are already out like KH3D, Fire Emblem: Awakening, Pokemon X/Y, and Dead or Alive Dimensions. It plays DS games as well. Also if you don't care about the 3D functionality you could always get a 2DS instead of a 3DS.

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I only have like 10 or 12 games for my Wii. I really don't play it and the only thing I use it for is Smash Bros. with friends but even that doesn't happen all that often. Wii isn't harcore enough for me even if it does sport some acclaimed rpgs. Out of those games you listed I have Tales of Symphonia 2 and RE4. I should spend less money on RE, I have 4 copies of RE4 and at least 2 of all the other main games except Rev and 6, though I'm sure I'll get a second copy of those at some point too :P
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I would classify the majority of my buying lately as current nostalgia in that I'm buying a lot of games on PS3 that I either have already played/beaten/enjoyed on 360 in the pursuit of building up my trophy count, PS3 gems I've missed out on, or keeping up with the latest releases like Assassin's Creed, owning all of them but not really having played any since Brotherhood.
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I'm terrible when it comes to buying games and then not necessarily playing them. Out of those games you mentioned I have the first Xenosaga and both of the Baten Kaitos games. I haven't played any of them. I have about 325 games or so and out of those I'd say I've only played about 2/3 of them and out of those I haven't even beaten them all. I'm a collector and a gamer. The main reason I haven't played them all is either due to lack of time or my inability to move backwards. A lot of times I got some of the acclaimed games from the previous gen by the time of the current gen and for whatever reason I have trouble going back to older titles.
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I just figured I'd ask :P I don't judge, personally I'm gay anyway. This place goes through cycles of being lively and active and times of inactivity. I know what you mean with life getting in the way or distancing you from gamespot. I seem to go in weekly spurts of active and inactive depending on what's going on in the real world. So what have you been up to lately Reign? I haven't been doing much of anything really just working for the summer until college starts back up in 1.5 weeks though currently I'm on my final vacay. Besides that the only other things I've been up to is betaing fanfiction and working on building my PS3 collection/trophies.
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Nice to meet you Reign! I guess its kind of late but happy belated on your 20th. Good choices for movies and games, Skies of Arcadia very nice. This place has been kinda slow lately but hopefully it'll get more active pretty soon. Not to be overly nosey but you #16 was saying girl/boyfriends, were you just going along with the outline or could you go either way?
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The funny thing with the release date is that I don't exactly care so much when it comes it so that I can play it, I care so that I can preorder/pay for it and know where I'll be (either at school or home) since I'll most likely be doing amazon and I want to know where to ship it.
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Yeah, I have over 100 360 games so my gamerscore is decent on 360. My PSN is not as built up so I've been working on that lately. I should play the games I haven't already played but I have a couple for both systems and I've been playing those mostly since I already know I can get/how to get those trophies :P
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I guess we shall, as always I want more release dates. FFX HD, PS4 I'm looking at you. XV and that I realize its too early for that but those two we should have dates for already/soon


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None of which seem fun. More costs, moving your whole life just for lower costs, or illegal guilt paired with lack of physical substance. We should move onto a new topic, be it games/movies/anime/something else get it started or maybe I'll get it started. Last anime I watched was Uta no Prince Sama Maji Love 2000%, I've seen a ton of movies this summer (Iron Man 3, Star Trek: Into Darkness, The Hangover Part 3, Fast 6, After Earth, This is the End, The Heat, Pacific Rim, Grown Ups 2, Red 2, The Wolverine/ and We are the Millers, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, Kick-ass 2, and Mortal Instruments still to come). Game wise I've been going through the tomb raider trilogy, RE5, and FFXIII lately. Building up my trophies on PS3...