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Nintendo is creating a "new" 3DS. I'm pretty pissed, as some games will be exclusive to it. And it'll be even more stupid if they don't actually rename it because of that fact. Id somebody wanted a hardcore handheld they go with a Vita. If they were having problems with Smash Bros, and pushed it back, then released it on this new 3DS I will never buy a Nintendo product ever again.

I really don't trust Nintendo when it comes to hardware, they always need to make revisions are do not think about the future of its platform all that well. They should stick to making games IMO.

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I'm trying to play Age of Empires 2.

Well then we gotta play together sometime. I'm trying to play it too. Been getting into a lot of strategy/city-builder games lately and loving them all.

Haha ok. I prefer turnbased to realtime because I like to multitask too much. Playing on easy I dominate, but on normal I have such a hard time spamming as many units as the AI. ;_;

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I'm trying to play Age of Empires 2.

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I really hope MGS V supports a modding commmunity on PC.

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Awesome. I love that song so much. It's even more fitting as Solid Snake's theme song. Damn. I wish they'd put all the MGSs on PC now.

If it was on PC I'm sure we'd have remakes of the original Metal Gears already.

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Finally got around to finishing it.

What you guys think?

looks good man. How long did it take ?

Maybe 20 hours. I did it while watching movies and stuff so it wasn't given my full attention.

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@MethodManFTW: Funsies. I was so disappointed when a guy did it for MGS3 and it blew up two weeks after I started making this one lol. I thought I had a novel idea.

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Finally got around to finishing it.

What you guys think?

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So close to the top poster on this board! Looks like the virus I put on Last Rides computer is paying off. :P

I thin I've been disqualified lol. I had near 350 when I was up there at the start months ago...

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St Louis is burning. Reports that TANKS have shown up.

Uhh WTF? I know a death is very heartbreaking, but I find it extremely odd how a US community can rally together like that. You will never see that in Canada under any circumstance. I wish it happened for for political reasons, minus the violence, but eh.

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Guardians of the Galaxy was sweet. Feels like one of those movies you can rewatch a ton of times since it is just pure entertainment. Also got my First Aid training finally done. My instructor was Australian so it was a blast. Why can't my university professors have the cool accents?