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Which starter pokemon?

So I've gotten pretty bored these past few days and decided to pick up my Gameboy and play some Pokemon Ruby. To my horror I found out that my sibling (who I will be executing revenge on soon enough) deleted my save file and put an innapropriate name for the character. Obviously someone was mad that they missed out on childhood because they never played Pokemon.

So my question to you is who should I pick as my starter, I really really can't decide. D:

I guess it is kind of good that I'll get to re-experience the game but I had some pretty cool pokemon before. So suggest one and even a name if you'd like. Or what pokemon is your favourite starter of all time?

Pokemon is probably one of the games I'll always come back to even when others may say it's childish. It's played such a huge role in my life and is one of my most played games of all time. From Charizard to Team Rocket it's been a pretty engulfing series. I'm sure most of you have played through a pokemon game some time or another.

So no matter what anyone says, pokemon are cool.