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What's been up.

On the downside I just started my new semester. I'm actuallyestatitic to be switching teachers and subjects alike but my course line-up isn't exactly made up of lollipops and dandelions. I've got math, french, chemistry and biology.I'm surprised theydidn't score an instant kill on me the first day back to school but I'm growing to live with them. Math and french seem easy enough so far; I'm enjoying the first unit of biology but chemistry it just confusing with all the new ideas the constantly hurl at you. Everything you wre taught a few years ago was a lie and it's alot more complicated than you originally thought. I'm glad to say I'm no longer afraid of the word isotope though. :P

And Mirror's Edge 2 was "stalled" not "cancelled" (hopefully), there seemed to be a lot of conflicting reports. If it was cancelled I'd be knocking down EA's door and knocking some sense into those guys (assuming EA would pay for my plane tickets and hotel in the first place). The first game was great and unique, something never done before, and for what I think, it was a success. Yes it was flawed but having a steep learning curve and no multiplayer is no reason to discontinue a franchise full of brimming potential. I'm not totally upset with EA, they set it aside for Battlefield 3 and jsut released Dead Space 2. DS2 is one of the most atmospheric games I've been in a long time and the single player is absolutely engaging. Now for an 8 hour campaign (on th easiest mode [no I'm not a pansy]) the full price may seem a little steep but it is a game that should make it's way to every gamers collection eventually.

Just to clear something up now instead of later. No, I'm not in denial about the fate of ME2.

Overall things have been going smoothy for me, or at least I like to believe they are. As long as I'm still breathing at the end of the day I don't see how things can be considered disastrous in unproprtional levels uncomprehensable to animalia. :P

Some of you may or may not know that I've been watching a superb show called Battlestar Galatica. I've been ranting about it for the past month, and for this past month it has actually played a pretty big part in my life. It's one of the few things that can help me truly unwind at the end of a day because I can just lay back and lose myself within the depth and intricacy of this show. (I'm not exactly sure what intracay means, it just fits.)

For a brief summary of the show, it's about a battlestar (essentially a space battleship that's a beast) named Galatica that is the only remaining battlestar in the fleet. There are 12 colonies that are attacked by giant toastersand I'm horrible at explaining the just of this show. This is what Google is for! Or MSN if any of you sly men/opposite genderlean that way. Just trust me, this is the best Sci-fi drama show there is.

Side note: Sorry if it seems I've been harassing you Ultrabeatdown as of late, but this is something I think you'd enjoy viewing a lot. Even though you may ever think it's as good as LOST, I hope it will one day be your number 2 show. :P

Now as of late this show has been throwing me through a bunch of emotions, the latest being upset in a good way (if that's possible).BSG Galatica only gets better as it progresses, and I've been hooked to it. At the end of every episode I want moar, and I usually get more. :P I usually end up using time I shouldn't to watch three episodes in a row. One ends and you need to know what happens next. Even during exams I was watching a couple episodes per day, and statistically I did better on exams where I watched 2+ episodes while trying to study. I could amble on about BSG forever, so I will, just not now. Consider yourselves spared.

I wish I had an unconventional super power just for the lulz. If you haven't noticed, the top half is the botom section and bottom section the top half.