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Post Secondary Education.

So I think I'm going to drop my online course, It's just to much work for too little a reward. It pains me to drop it becauseI've always seen it as good to learn something new but I don't want it to scar my overall marks later on.

I should actually be writing something about religion versus science right now in my online grade 12 history course (I'm in grade 11), but the topic seems so overdone. Sometimes I don't know whether I'm taking a history or religion course. I know religion played a big part throughout history but it seems it's all I'm ever learning about. I go to a Catholic school (which is probably why it's such a popular theme) but I wish they'd leave it in the religion cl@ss; they are already mandatory. To bad I couldn't focus the energy I have to write this now onto that topic.

In addition my parents keep telling me I'm going to burnout soon with everything I have going on. I have a part time job where I work 4-5 times a week until 9:00 PM after school and when I'm not working a venture over to my local gym. I have barely anytime for myself anymore, after I get home I have no urge to do work so I'll just sit at my computer and do something meaningless. I still get things for my online course done, it's just spread over the period of a few hours and done sloppily. I don't know if thiswould as burning-out but once a week now when I get home from school I'll just lay down, watch TV and constantly nap for 5 hours until I grudgingly start my course work. I usually stay up to around to 2:00 AM and wouldn't have the energy to do so otherwise on certain days.

I've already fallen 2 weeks behind in my online course. I started out with 6 other people and I'm the only one left doing the course. It's not like I've never done an online course before, I took two during the summer and was doing up to 6 assignments per day and got good marks (94 and 89). I currently have a 75 average in this cl@ass, below what I'm accustomed to. Now I'm writing a lot more than I ever beforefor any other course in my life. I'm getting up to 2000 words per assignment (the max before I started this course that I had written was below 1000) and my teacher says I don't have enough details.

I think I'll just try torefine the area I want to eventually work in so I can drop general courses and go into more specific stuff. Next year I'm taking french, english, maths, physics, chemistry, biology, and something elsebut I want to go into something more like ecology, earth sciences, environmental or geography related. I just thought History might be a nice addition if I were to move into those things, although I can still take it during the summer or try again next semester and hopefully geta normal markingteacher. There's just to much I want to learn, like sociology, physiology or computer sciences I wish I had joined online courses when I was younger or went to a different school where religion didn't take up room for stuff I was actually interested in.

I really don't know what to do, after my post secondary education I want to do something I like but still make a good living. I just know I wouldn't want to become a teacher for later grades, I wouldn't be able to keep a clear conscience giving out lowmarks and only allowing a student to pursue their education to a certain degree. Toget a good job it always seems you need a strong background in sciences or math, which I'm good at but don't necessarily want to be doing for the rest of my life. I guess the whole point of the blog is just asking for advice as for how I should proceed if any of you were in similar situations or not.

In conclusion, if I drop this course I'll be able to write more blogs. :)

Sorry if this holds little interest to you guys, I just had to get this off my chest somehow. In gaming news, Naruto Ultimate ninja Storm 2 and New Vegas have caught my eye but I'll be holding off on them because I doubt I'd have the time to play them. Instead I think I'll be getting Black Ops even though I'm not expecting much; it'll be just to jump in anytime and play with friends from school. Also I'm going to see Jackass 3D tomorrow, it's kind of hard to say what I'm expecting from it. :P