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One year anniversary on GS.

So it's finally been a year I've been roaming the depths of GS, although it doesn't feel as though it's been that long. I originally came here for the gaming news, but then Igot addicted to the forums. To this day, I am still addicted to the forums here and I doubt I have the willpower to leave. So that's all, no long speech, no thanks to the great users here, just one measly paragraph. I'm not really in a typing/writing mood at the moment, unfortunately.

I will say though that it's kind of ironic that I signed up for GS the day after I got a year contract at the gym. Although I've found time for both, I'll admit that once or twice I may not have gone to the gym because of GS. In the end though, I'm glad I found this place.

Sazh approves.