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Oil, oil everywhere.

As some of you may know I work within a grocery store. Well today as I was doing my oil run the big bucket full of greasethat was on mytrolley and fell onto the floor and splashed everywhere. I sometimes work in the back of the Hot Meals section so I prepare and cook food but also clean. Bringing the grease made from all the food outside to a special dumpster is only one of my responsibilities.

Like this but three time more onto a floor.

The bucket was completely full and pretty heavy, so there was no way in hell I thought it fall off if I put it in the middle of a trolley. I've had buckets with nothing in them stay put while I was swerving a trolly around customers and different objects.As to my surprise though as I rounded a corner it magically moved to the side and fell onto the floor. I then spent an hour cleaning it up, which wasn't fun or at all.

I was working fast to get back to cooking and serving, I started by cleaning the floor, then the mops and then bringing all the grease finally out to the dumster. There was actually some grease that congealed which I couldn't mop up and had to pick up with my hands (I had gloves on though). Overall, it was a pretty disgusting experience. Just imagine a few gallons of fatty oils thrown onto the floor and having to clean it up.

Luckily though my manager was in a goodmood and I still finished all my duties ahead of time tonight. So what are some of the worst, wierdest or funniest experiences you've had at work? I've only been working for a little under two months myself but already have a few good stories I've gained from working already. Some involve cardboard castles and others crazy customers.