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Nostalgic iPhone Game.

Recently I purchased an iPhone 3GS planning tomainly use itas an iPod to play music since my old MP3 kept freezing. Once I started using it often I noticed it was capable of much more, including the ability to download numerous games. I wouldn't exactly callmost of these apps full-fledgedgames though, more like mini-games that'll keep you busy for a dozen minutes, nothing more. I've been playing quite a few of these but none could keep my attention focusedfor hours asAsh did, now it's hard to take the iPhone as a portable gaming device not seriously.

Ash is an old school 16-bit turn-based RPG that delivers an enjoyable story with accesable gameplay and a dash of great humor/sarcasm. The main story develops around two characters, one named Nicholas and the other Damien. Both witness the slaughtering of a village by the Imperial Black Guard and go into hiding but the plot becomes so much more interesting than when first viewed as the game progresses.

The art and music found in Ash both complement the game and enchance the experience. Enemies are well detailed and the music suits each new environment and situation. The battle system interface is well designed and allows the option to skip attack animations to speed through normal battles. Searching random items in the world is useful because you can find extra weapons and items; just don't go overboard. I was sointo this game I killed my iPhone fully charged twice in one day because I was playing it non-stop. It's a great game to pass the time with.

Ash is definitely worth your time and money. You can find it for $4.99 on the App Store or for free if you stumbled upon a promo. I highly recommend this game to anyone wanting to relive the great RPG days of old game platforms whohave an iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone. It's a nice little dose of nostalgia.

A little something extra. Space Time by Delta Heavy.