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Life is overrated.

Life the nature document that is (I hope you weren't expecting something else). It is a documentary hampered by it's grand objective of summarizing life itself in only a few episodes while being narrated by Oprah Winfrey who seemingly gives no effort.

I may have come into this series expecting to much from it but as an avid nature documentary watchee it'd be a shame for me to expect less. It ispretty much is the pinacle of what nature documents represent, the thing that underlies every other single documentation film. And this is where it begins to set itself up for failure, you can not possibly show life and all of it's wonder in ten episodes, it just isn't possible.

I would like to think I have watched my fair share of nature documentations and I feel safe to say that Life was jumping from animal to animal like a child high on sugar at a zoo. I'm just not used to that kind of presentation, when I watch a documentation about something I expect to learn a certain thing it from beginning to end. Life just shows you one animal, something special about it and then moves on to another one not really reaching the real potential is has. Each time I find it begins to get interesting it stops talking about that specific animal and moves on. It's really aggravating and ruins the pace or rythm of the show as it just hops from one idea to the next.

I will admit Life does have some amazing video footage but it also seems it has enough recycled film. The series has been out for a little while now but I think I've seen some of the clips before the show was originally released which left me feeling a little cheated. It reshows some of the same clips within the show a few times to. To expand upon this idea I thought they could've done a little more in four years (although great efforts by some crews). I feel really sorry for the guy that simulated plants growing for two years just for a one minute place in a episode. There's some animals that are alot more interesting and exotic than some of which the had decided to chose.

Also Life is basically about animals having sex to reproduce. Animals having sex. Animal sex. Sex. There are different aspects to life than just wooing the opposite sex into getting them to do the deed with you. Unfortunately all that other stuff seems to take a back seat when species you never heared of get jiggy with it on your television screen.

The soundtrack didn't really heighten the experience at all. Then again, I did have the volume set pretty low. That was because Oprah has done the worst job at narrating I've ever heard.

Now read this whole blog in Oprah's voice. I know, it's horrendous right? Now imagine she added her own slang and only said about half of each sentence. There's no emotion (or extemely noticable fake emotion)or meaning in her voice, just her reading with an amazing lack of rythm.If any one should've narrated this it would've had to be Morgan Freeman. In my opinion he has the most powerful voice today and it would've had a fitting place in this series.

Life does have its moments though. There are scenes that are gloriously beautiful and it is still worth a watch. Although I'd say it's more for the casual nature documentary watcher it still shines through all of its blunders. Even though it may seem like there's alot more bad than good I'm just an amazing comlpainer. Just remember to watch the original version that isn't narrated by Oprah. ;)

I leave you with pretty pictures.

[spoiler] Animal Sex. [/spoiler]