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EA and DICE need to step up their game.

You may have guessed it, but Battlefield: Bad Company 2 has really been getting on my nerves lately. After letting it sit for two weeks, I decided to give it another try only to be dissappointed again. It's not only EA's fault though, the community also contributes to my frustration.

To start off, they should fix this game before they go off and make more DLC. It's like they've just given up and don't give a crap about the lag that plagues the servers. Aslong as they're making money they're fine with it. Right now I don't really care about Onslaught Mode or Vietnam because either way, they're unplayable due to the servers.

Fix the servers then we'll talk about DLC.

Moving along now, they shouldn't listen to some gamers whine because a weapon is to powerful. There will always be a gun people complain. It's what got everything messed up in the first place, when nothing was wrong. Just because you get killed more often with the M60 doesn't make it a god gun, it's just favored by most people. Even now after they "nerfed" it I can still go around and get big killstreaks with it. What was the point? And now people are complaining about the Carl Gustav. The community will never be happy, because after that they'll find another weapon to whine about. The only time they'd be satisfied is if every gun had the same stats.

Of course it's going to kill you it's a damn rocket.

While I myself am nitpicking the community, I'll say very few of them play the game as it is meant to be played. By this I mean they don't give a flying snot about objectives and what not. Most times I end up being the only one defending a position while everyone else is hanging back, trying to get kills from afar. Not only is this stupid because you're not doing anything, they aren't getting any kills and are simply letting the enemy win. I mean either play the damn game or go sit in a corner.

You get medics who are forever forgetting the dead and engineers who wear rocket launchers only as if it was a fashion statement. Snipers who hang back solo only to accomplish nothing and assault who are pretty much target practice. If anything, the community definitely does not enchance the experience of the game. I'd have more fun with a weak AI.

I don't care if it's a cute cat, I still hate campers.

Demolition isn't all it worked up to be either. Sure it helps you make a new doorway and get the jump on an enemy but other than that it's useless. You can't even shoot through walls or sheets of metal. Getting demolition kills is a rarity doused in luck. Good luck trying to get one without dying forty times. Not only is it hard enough to sneak up on an enemy in a building, plant C4 and get away without dying with no help what-so-ever from your teammates the buildings do notalways fall. Even if it does, the enemy can simply jump out before. So many times I've had a three story building with only two walls remain standing. In all honest that's really pathetic, especially when the walls are on the same side. I would show you a picture I took, but Dice hasn't delivered on the photo taking ability yet.

Spawning camping is evident in the game too. No word of a lie, while playing Squad Rush my spawn (area of one meter squared) was surrounded by enemies. It was spawn, die, spawn, die, etc. Even in modes with random spawning you barely get a chance to breath. Instead of putting you on the empty side of a map you spawn between two squads, ensuring your death in mere seconds. Then you get the person who will sneak across half a damn map just to spawn camp your base. I'm sorry but there's no one more pathetic than these guys.

A rare scene of people working together, savour it.

To top it all off to me it seems the hit detection has gotten alot worse. It's probably because of the lag but when I unload 7 shotgun slugs into an enemy and he walks away with 32% health, damn right I'll be pissed. And bullet drop issniper exclusive. So go ahead and shot your SMG across the map. Usually I don't try to get worked up over video games, but this is the poorest service ever delivered by a developper I've ever witnessed in all my days of gaming. I've even gone back to MW2 since it's a more relaxing, stress free experience.

I'm trying as hard as I can to like this game but it keeps giving me reason to hate it. In short (yes short) that's what's been bugging me. I just had to get it off my chest and that's why I've made this rant.

On a side note MoH isn't all it's worked up to be. Take the worst from MW2 and BC2, put it in a blender and you have MoH. It has a long way to go if it's going to be a decent game. I'm not even going to go into details since there's so much wrong with it.

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