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Bananas, threatened to extinction?

Short version for the busy body:

[spoiler] Bananas as we know them may decrease drastically in numbers during the years to come becoming harder or almost impossible to get. Maybe. [/spoiler]

Long version for the intellectual being:

So, I'm not sure if you've heard but the common banana is now being threatened by a disease (kinda old news). It is not the first time a beloved banana as been pushed to extinction. The original banana "Gros Michel" (supposedly better) had been replaced by the "Cavendish" banana because of it's dwindling numbers, caused by the Panama disease. Now the Panama disease is back stronger than ever and is now affecting the Cavendish bananas.

Banana 101: All bananas of the same variety are genetically the same. So if one gets sick they all do.

This means every single Cavendish banana is threatened by this disease.The banana is the fourth largest agricultural product in the world after wheat, rice, and corn. If this disease is allowed to spread it could have a devastating effect all around. And this time they can't simply replace it with another banana. No other banner has a similar taste and most have giant seeds.

File:Inside a wild-type banana.jpg

Although you shouldn't expect any noticable changes for atleast a few years, eat every banana as if it were your last. The very least I see happening is lower production and higher demand. It's up to the industry wether they can control this disease or not. This could very well be a huge problem or just a minor threat.

One avenue is genetic engineering although there has been disputes about wether it's right or not. Even though, I've already noticed bananas are two times larger than they used to be. Changing them a little more couldn't hurt to keep them around.

Fun facts:

-The United States controls all production of bananas yet none are grown in the United States.

-Bananas are actually a berry. And banana trees aren't actually trees either, go figure.

That probably not going to make you feel any better after hearing thatthe common bananamight one day be gone, but atleast it's better then nothing. So while I'm ruining your day I may aswell add this:

An oil rig off of Louisiana has sunk. It had burned fornearly twodays after an explosion. Some 42,000 gallons a day areleaking out now creating a filmof oil stretches for 1,800 square miles. If the main well opens up up too one hundred times that amount can come gushing out. Let's just hope that it doesn't, since this is already proving to be a major environmental disaster.

So that's it, my most depressing blog evar. Whether the mainstream bananas population will severly decrease in the coming years I'll leave up to you to decide. ;)