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I regret selling my PS2 games. For the most part I grew up playing in the time of the PS2 with the likes of Jak & Daxter, Metal Gear Solid 3 and many more. I know some people always sell games after they beat them but I like to collect games since I usually go back to them sooner or later.

So I sold 20+ PS2 games for 3 PS3 games a while ago. At first it seemed like a good trade but later on I really missed playing some cl@ssic PS2 games. Now I'm only left with fond memories of these games, well atleast until Sony releases them on PSN. And that'll only happen when the PS2 is no longer supported. :(

So if you've learned anything at all from this very very short blog, please let it be not to sell old gems. It's not worth it, atleast not in the long run.

Combat Flight Simulators FTW!

They're so damn intense. If you haven't tried one yet I suggest you do so the soonest possible.

It was me and 4 wingmen (jets) against about 15 enemies (propellers) over their base. While dodging AA fire we were duking it out in the skies. Every bullet my plane swallowed would make it harder and harderfor me to control it. Twisting and turning I was taking out enemies, shooting ahead of them so my bullets would hit their plane.

After I took out about 6 planes I only had one wingman left. I saw that he was being followed and went to rescue him before he was shot down. Unfortunately I didn't get there fast enough. I decided to make this guy pay, so I lined up behind him and started to unloaded my ammo reserves. His plane started smoking and tipping over, he was as good as dead, but wanting to get revenge I followed his plummet showering him in even more bullets.

What I didn't notice though was that two of his buddies had converged behind me. They began shooting at my plane and damaged it badly, making it tilt and fall on its right side. Me, being cocky had followed the other guy down, was to low to eject now. I was hammering the eject button button thinking:

"I'll take my damn chances falling then slamming into the god damn ground with this plane and exploding!"

I did manage to pull up a bit and had a slim chance of surviving a crash landing. But it would never happen, my wing hit a tree and my plane spun out of control. I died, but I did get a medal. :3

Next is fending off some fighter planes in a bomber, that should be exhilarating. The main reason it's so fun is because I have a Sidewinder Joystick which Microsoft has already once tried to send interference too and render useless. :(.

Anyways, I know this sorta differs from my usual blogs. More story telling than blogging perhaps, but I'm trying to become consistent and post blogs more often. Quantity > Quality. :P


Cats. Cats are cute. Cats are adorable. Cats are hairy. Cats like to shed fur. Cats would make good insulation between walls for a house.

My cat loses more hair in a day than a hair dresser cuts in a year and it is annoying.

Seriously, it'll walk into a room then leave a minute later. Then I wonder when did we get a carpet floor and when did I switch my black shirt for a beige one. It's that bad; I hate it even more when it happens in the morning before I leave for school.

I don't think I can shave my cats hair off. For one, I'd have to do it daily which would consume vast amounts of electricity. I don't feel like spending hours doing it or having my cat die of embarrassment/shame.

So what are my options? To sell the hair to a wig company and make a profit. Maybe, I'm not to sure... There's just so many other things in my life that I need to think about also, most not a higher priorty than this though. I'm just afraid my cat will eventually suffocate on it's own hair.

Now on to some more manly news.

I started going back to the gym, again. So far, pretty much the only thing I've gained is calluses on my hands. I'm glad I'm going again though. I felt like poop just laying around all day.


5 Hours Sleep + No Breakfast + Gym = Big Headache

/Mini blog for all you chumps and chumpettes.

Lost Planet 2!

Lost Planet 2. The game I am currently drooling over and can not wait to come out. Forget about God of War 3, Final Fantasy XIII and Battlefield: Bad Company 2. This is thee game of the year (well, atleast for me it is).

Recently in my anticipation for Lost Planet 2 I went out and bought myself a copy of the first game. You may be wondering why I was so hyped for a game I never played the prequel too. The answer is Lost Planet 2 has an awesome demo on PSN. If you haven't downloaded it yet, I suggest you do so immediately. Anyways, to quickly sum it up, Lost Planet is a superb game that's overflowing with potential. Now the developpers may not have been able to capture everything during the first game, but I'm hoping this time around they'll create a game that'll shine. Playing Lost Planet has only heightened my anticipation for the sequel.

Lost Planet was a great game from beginnning to end. The highlight for me was the boss fights, each exhilarating and satisfying. This is an action packed game and it always keeps a steady pace (caused by your ever dwindling thermal energy reserves). It's not only the boss fights that are fun but even just duking it out with regular enemies, wether it be on foot or in a vital suit.

It may be throwing a grenade at a charging dongo and having it topple to one side and slide into a a barrel of explosifs.

Or having your flashlight on and noticing a the shadow of the wall behind you looks obscure. Then you turn around and notice 50 of these buggers perched there.

Now onto Lost Planet 2. So far the game looks absolutely amazing. Capcom has even announced it will have split screen multiplayer. Something that should be included in a ton of more games. The story looks promising and gameplay has been polished up. Graphics are way better judging by the demo (no shooting at distant blobs). Custimization galour, even more epic boss fights,etc. Damn, I don't think I'ver ever been so hyped for one game. :D

My only problem is that Gamestop will be giving exclusive maps if you pre-order. These underwater maps will probably be released as DLC later but still. Nice way to split the online community right at the start. It includes Vital Suits that transform into submarines, so I'll probably end up pre-ordering this game anyways. It's just unfortunate for those who aren't.

Good news is that Wesker (and his gun) are no longer a pre-order bonus and everybody gets him free. If any other big news comes out about Lost Planet 2 I'll keep you guys updated with another blog. ;)

Ugh, I don't want to wait until Maywhen it releases.I'll be expecting a solid 8.0+ score in reviews.

So that's my blog. I haven't written one in a while so I thought this was better than nothin. Believe it or not though, I tried to make this short. Now back to homework. D:


A tanka is a poem that is short and structured in 31 syllables arranged in groups of 5, 7, 5, 7 and 7 syllables. And they are normally about love.

I normally struggle when writing poems but I think I did okay on this one.

My heart does not ache,

for those who have betrayed me,

and left me alone,

on this desolate island,

to fend for myself, alone.

A haiku is a poem that is short and structured in 17 syllables arranged in groups of 5, 7, 5 syllables.

I have killed the plants.

I have killed the animals.

I have given birth.

The 5 Most Promising Games That Where Cancelled This Gen.

5. Winter

Winter Screenshot

I had some trouble deciding between Winter and Aliens: Crucible. Both are survival horror games but I decided that the Aliens RPG wouldn't be missed as much since there is two other Aliens games coming out and there aren't that many Mature games for the Wii.

Winter was created in the hopes of reinventing the survival-horror genre. Early on in the game the main focus would be too survive the harsh environment created by the mysterious blizzard.

"Mia, the main character, wakes up inside an ambulance with no memories of how she got there. She treks toward town seeing signs of monstrous creatures inside the storm."

To me, this is the sounds of a great beginning to a great game. It should be hard enough to survive the storm itself, but even harder to remain alive after encountering whatever lays inside the storm.

Winter has the content to make an amazing game and N-Space, the developers, would love to carry on where they left off. This would be a game I couldn't wait for to hit retail shelves. Yes, that means I'd buy a Wii.

4. Project H.A.M.M.E.R.

Image 1

Announced at E3 2006 for the Wii, Project H.A.M.M.E.R. planned to let you use your Wii's remote as a giant hammer.

You are Project H.A.M.M.E.R.'s cyborg prototype and are equiped with an extraordinary hammer. Killer robots are attacking cities across the United States, and the military is hopeless against them. That's where you come in, swinging your mighty hammer around the screen you'd crush and smash your enemies. The only hope of humanity at stopping the robot invaders you'd use the Nunchuk controller to maneuver around varied environments while using your Wii remote as you would a real hammer. I don't know about you but smashing things with a hammer without having to pay for damages is a dream come true to me.

3. Earth Worm Jim PSP

Image 3

Now I've never played the original Earth Worm Jim since I was to young, but I would have really liked to get a chance too from what I've heard about it. To bad I'm going to have to wait since Earth Worm Jim PSP won't be coming out any time soon.

Earth Worm Jim was supposed to have 8 different levels each with different ways to play through depending on what you want to do. With a variety of levels and the ability to dance it was looking to be atleast an interesting and replayable game.

For more information check out Gamespot's hands-on preview.

2. Six Days in Fallujah

After Konami decided to pull away from Six Days in Fallujah this game has been up in the air. Ultimately caused by it's sensitive topic, everyone has different opinions on whether or not it should be released so soon.

Image 1

A survival-horror military shooter, it was created with an engine where anything is destructible.

The fear in this game doesn't come from monsters or zombies but the unpredictable tactics of real insurgents. Atomic Game employees where very close to some of the Marines who where in the battalion who fought in the battle, and after decided to create the most realistic shooter to date. Most realistic shooters you can tell are obviously fake at some point or another.

Complete with real events that happened during the battle, provided by the Marines, they hoped to show what war really was like. Not only the physical situation but what's happening emotionally to the soldiers. You'd soon be afraid to open doorsways, or go into narrow spaces. You can enter a room where it may not look like anything's in the but you may see dust whirl or a shadow move and know your in trouble. Some insurgents know english and fool you by calling you into a dark room.Destructible environments will play a big role in how realistic the game is. Instead of taking the doorway into a house you know someone's hiding in, blow a hole in the wall with C4. Insurgents were also taking drugs so the could take a bullet or two and still fight.

The great gameplay though, was not enough to stop the controversy surrounding this game , especially when the war is still raging on and it's impacted so many families.

1. Eight Days

Video link.

Eight Days Picture

Eight Days is an action game that was being developed for the PlayStation 3. The game, set over the course of eight days, is about two characters looking for a mob syndicate, each for different reasons. The "good" character is searching for the mob syndicate after he kidnaps his son. The "bad" character attempts to get his revenge (oknown reason). The game would take place in eight different states, and could have been one of the biggest game maps to date. The game would have also included a real life clock so if it was night then the game would be in night also. If this game had ever came out it would have rivaled GTA IV and Saints Row 2.

Honorable Mentions:

-Aliens: Crucible

-The Getaway

-Red Faction: B.E.A.S.T.

-Indiana Jones


-Cipher Complex

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