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I have the first Borderlands on PC! 
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[QUOTE="Spartan_N7"]Pros; -Awesome new vision of Croft -You really see her progress from scared young girl to a hardened survivalistPffrbt

That happens in a matter of seconds though. She struggles to shoot someone for the first time and then after whining for a little bit she's immediately mowing down hundreds of people without mercy.


I've only played the first two hours and she is already battle worn tough girl shooting people and killing wolves with ease. I feel like it was rushed but I'll see what the rest of the game is like.

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I didn't need 100 reasons to buy this, I wanted it as soon as I saw some gameplay!

Yeah it's basically just Far Cry 3 with new skin and some different looking gameplay things but I doubt it will have much new.

But either way, Far Cry 3 had solid gameplay so this crazy story should go well with it, and theres dragons shooting lasers, I mean come on how cant you be excited.

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Bill Gates doesn't work at Microsoft guys.


The always online feature doesn't apeal to me, especially if I want to play somewhere without easy internet access.

I'm not planning on upgrading anytime soon since I just dumped money into a PC but maybe in the future if it has some awesome exclusives or enough of my friend upgrade, then maybe I will too. I do like the sound of the Playstation though too so who knows.

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Halo 3

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I can probably play! Is this how we sign up?
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My first game was Burnout: Revenge. The high fps and HD graphics blew me away after have been playing original xbox on standard definition TVs. Super fun game and I made sure to buy it when I got my own 360.

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It looks and sounds pretty interesting. It will be sweet if it does everything they are claiming.

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The first encounter with the Berserker in Gears of War. Freaked me out.

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Final Fantasy XIII for me.