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Have never played this game so probably about time I pick it up.

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They need some newer games to give out. Their service isn't better anymore so Xbox better step it up.

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Too bad premium is no where close to being worth the price of a new PC game. The amount of bugs and crap in the game still is just painful, but I keep playing because I really want it to be good. It would be so nice if DICE broke away from EA and really spent time on a solid Battlefield game.

Mantle sure improved my performance though.

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Yeah that title is kind of a spoiler. It makes sense she's alive because she can just go into other worlds/time periods or whatever. I do wish Infinite explained things more but I think it still makes sense. Hoping this next expansion will help answer it.

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DayZ standalone Early Access is $30 on Steam. That's a pretty good price if you can stand playing an unfinished game for awhile.

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I would join/make one but premium isn't worth it to me and you can only join platoons if you have premium. =/

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I'd say it's slightly over priced. If you're not going to overclock you can save some cash by dropping the K version of your CPU. If you are going to overclock, invest in an aftermarket cooler. Also, don't quote me on it but I'm pretty sure you want dual channel ram, not triple. 8GB will be enough. Also, cases are subjective, but if it were me I'd spend a little less and maybe see if you could bump up your GPU. Just my two cents.

Agree with all of this. If you don't plan on overclocking then I'd definitely save some on cpu and get a 770 or something instead for a better looking game. 8gb Dual channel is all you need for gaming and upgrading to 16 later is easy.

You won't be running The Witcher 2 with ubersampling though. I can't do that with my 7970ghz without it dropping below 20fps.

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I'm not too worried about it I guess. If the single player was fun then maybe I'll play it again sooner than other games. Otherwise I get replayability from multiplayer. I rarely try to 100% games so I usually have something to go back to.

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This looks about right and will be the normal going forward.

Don't see what the big deal is, if you bought a setup for resolution you would get a PC.

You cannot see the difference on anything less than 65" at normal viewing conditions.

Anyone buying a PS4 over Xbox One just for the resolution is talking shit.

You buy it for the games and the best game this year will be Titanfall and unless you want a PC the Xbox One is the only place to play it at its best.

I can tell the difference between 720 and 1080 on my 23" monitor and 60" TV. After 4k you will need a pretty big TV to see the difference.

Totally agree about console resolutions though, if you really cared, you would be on PC. There is just no question about it.

Majority of gamers probably don't know anything about resolutions.

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It took me about ten hours. I was excited for the game. I even pre-ordered it. However, when i beat it, i was not too happy with it. It was somewhat short. I tired several different stratigies also. The story seemed strange also.

The story in Crysis 2 is a lot stranger lol. To many plot holes and questions left un answered.

Crysis 2 story just made up a bunch of random things and new aliens so they could extend the series. None of it really made sense to me. They also nerfed all the suit abilities so they weren't anywhere close to as fun as the first game. Main example would be the super speed, it's not very super anymore. More like normal speed that uses up suit abilities.

The running on suit energy is the number 1 reason why i hate crysis 2. At least in 1 you could still run after your energy depleted, just not as fast. 3 fixes that issue.

Exactly, none of the abilities are actually boosts. If anything they just take power from you while not making things any easier.