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New Year Goal - Beat All The Steam Games?

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I haven't really made any New Year resolutions yet but the other day my friend told me I should beat all my Steam games before buying another new game. I have over 300 games installed.

I said why not.

I am changing it around a bit though, since I do want some of the new games coming out and don't want to be left behind! I also need to get myself writing and making videos again so here is what I'm going to do.

I have to beat as many games with a single player campaign as I can this year. Multiplayer only games don't count.

Games I beat on another system but also own on Steam do not need to be completed again.

Only beating games I haven't finished yet, so I don't need to beat Bioshock Inifinite a third time (though I really wouldn't mind).

For every game I beat I write a review and possibly make a video review or some sort of video for it.

Also daily blogs or something. Need to get myself doing things! Kinda fell behind on being part of the Gamespot community and need to build up some rep.

I am starting this all off with Assassins Creed 4! Which I only own on Uplay.... close enough.