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My Thoughts on Bioshock Infinite

Columbia is a beautiful city and your first moments there are wonderful, but of course that changes quickly. One thing after another happens to you throughout the game, taking you all aorund the city to some pretty memorable locations with an equally entertaining and memorable story.

I played it on PC and boy does it look good cranked all the way up. I played with a controller though, so all you computer elitists can start yelling at me now, but I enjoy games a lot more that way. 

The shooting in this game feels great, better than the other Bioshock games. You also get to ride around on the rails in the sky and jump on foes which is really fun to do! You are never punished for falling off the world and you can never mess up jumping on or off the sky rails. 

Elizabeth is the best video game character I've ever seen. Not only is she voiced spectacularly, but her AI is programmed to interact with all the little things you do. If you are running through a level, she will run too. If you are slowly looking around for items, she will go explore, or sit down, or stand there with her arms crossed waiting. It makes her seem so real and believable that it is easy to care about her. You never have to worry about protecting her in combat, so no babysitting in this game! She also likes to throw you supplies during combat to help out, or point out items for you. I thought she was amazing.

The overall story kept me hooked the entire time. All you know at the beginning is you have to get this girl (Elizabeth) and bring her back to pay off some sort of dept. But everything is far more complex than that. 

I would recommend playing on Hard if you play a lot of FPS games, or else it might be too easy. Other than that, I would recomment this game to almost anyone, though the story and themes may be too complex for some. Amazing game and I'm ready to start it over to see if I missed any details in the story! Go play it!

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