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GTA Online is bunk

I was really looking forward to GTA Online, I have never really gotten into any GTA games before 5 but I really enjoyed the single player and the idea of online was really cool.

Well after 2 weeks or so of it being COMPLETELY broken, things weren't looking so good anymore. Luckily it gave me time to finish the story missions and when it sounded like online was stable I tried playing again.

At first it seemed decent, you made your character and started with a cut scene unique to Online and raced some other players. Then you do some tutorial things and you are let go in the world with missions and races and activities to do.

Now the game barely gets 30fps in single player with everything going on, but online there is less traffic and less of everything going on which is probably to help it run. You get more texture pop-ins and of course lag if you have slow internet, or for no reason. It's not bad lag at all for me but it can be annoying when the other player is jumping all over the place, especially in a race.

If you want a game that takes skill to get good at, then go somewhere else. No matter how good you may be at racing, one bump from another car can send you off a cliff and if you don't die you have to go back to the checkpoint you missed or re spawn back on the course. The only problem with that is it takes 5 whole seconds just to reset back on course, and in a race that means you lose. The vehicle handling has GREATLY improved since GTA IV and I really enjoy that, but it is very discouraging to be knocked off course in a car, killed by a pole on a bike, or blown up in a plane/helicopter.

Deathmatch is also pointless as the shooting in the game is all super heavy aim assist. You basically never have to aim other than when you are shooting and driving at the same time. Apparently you can join games without aim assist but this game is not worth spending time in getting good at that.

The main lasting appeal for online, which is the same for the previous GTA, is mayhem with your friends. I think that is the main draw for most people but Rockstar almost discourages it. Everytime you die you lose money, almost $2000 originally but now only $500 after the patch. So if you are saving up for something big, you have to make sure not to die in free mode and lose your money. No playing with friends or screwing around, only missions and events where you do very specific things.

It may sound like I hate everything but I really enjoyed the single player story and missions. Jumping between characters was great and Rockstar nailed that part. Looking forward to the possible PC version to see what this game can really look like.