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Games in progress + Games to Review

So I've been playing through Crysis 2 and I'm almost through the game and now it keeps crashing and I can't figure it out =( It's not pushing my cards to full load or anything, it runs fine and then randomly just freezes and crashes. I wasn't really enjoying Crysis 2 anyway, the AI is just aweful and the story is meh. Also, it may just be me but I find all the voice acting super annoying. Kevin gave it a pretty good review but it has dissapointed me compared to the original Cryis.

Other than that I have been playing a lot of League of Legends with friends and some Halo 4 on the Xbox but not much else. I do have plenty to play and plenty to review, so if anyone wants to look through my games and ask for a review then add me on Steam! LightEffect

I was going to review Crysis 1 and 2 but technical probrems got in the way, so I need to pick something else!

Also for fun, here is a video I made 4 years ago with Halo 3. It's pretty bad but funny how bad it is, so enjoy! =D