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Do you like Audio Logs?

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On Twitter, Carolyn tweeted about how she did not like the concept of characters leaving conveniently placed audio logs throughout games. I (finally) started playing Tomb Raider and as soon as I found the first journal left from one of the other characters, I felt like it was way out of place.

Why would they leave parts of their journals laying around? I do enjoy getting backstory and insight from the characters, but it just felt so weird. I sort of felt that way during Bioshock Infinite with the Voxaphones, but I ignored the feeling for the most part.

I never really thought about it before Carolyn had brought it up. Lot's of games do the audio log style of giving you info. The original Bioshock did of course, and Dead Space also did it, but tons of games also just have things to read everywhere. Plenty of games do it well but is it something developers should move away from? 

I don't think I'm tired of it yet, but what about gamers who have been gaming for longer than me?