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Warped Tour Videos

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Sorry it took so long but here they are, I would have made more but I wanted to enjoy the show more so I only have 3 good videos. Oh and I apologize for the camerawork.

First is Underoath



And here is Senses Fail


Warped Tour!!

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Went to Warped Tour yesterday in Pomona :). It was the first one so it made it that much more awesome, and despite people myslef included thinking it wasnt a great line up we were wrong it was AMAZING! I got in with my friends like 10 min after the gates opened and we saw then middle to ending of Attack Attack! and they played pretty well but after that Anti Flag came on the main stage and and they played a great set and probobly had the biggest circle pits of the day. After we had to run to the gate to give our 2 other friends who came later their tickets and ran back to see Underoath who were awesome but I only wish they had played some of their older songs.

I got to see so many bands I loved like The Devil Wears Prada, A Day to Remember in which I crowd surfed all the way up :D, and Senses Fail which I thought were the best there. Unfortunately I missed some bands I wanted to see like Scary Kids Scaring Kids, and some bands didnt join the tour yet like Emmure and Chiodos. But it was still awesome.

Crowd surfing was so awesome I must have done it like 6 times lol. Aside from the sunburn from it bieng so hot and getting dehydrated like 2 times it was simply amazing and I might go again in San Diego :). I reccomend that if you guys are thinking about going to go.

I have some videos I took and will upload them later :P.


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Graduation was last night. It was great and there were tons of people to see our 750+ graduating class of 09. I felt really good and my family was so proud and happy for me. After we took pictures and greeted friends I changed in the car and we were off to Grad Night. In the bus we had raffles and I won $50 to Best Buy which was awesome. We arrived at Disneyland at 10PM and stayed until 6AM. There were tons of kids from other schools but we still managed to get on most of the good rides such as Space Mounatain and the Materhorn. By the time it was over we were all really tired and had sore feet/knees and in the bus home we were basically just asleep or zombies lol. I am finally out of school and even though I will miss it I look foreward to whats ahead. My high school years were some of the best of my life and I will miss them. I think Im gonna go take a nap now since I have been up for almost 24 hours with a little sleep.

Sup Brah

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So the Senior Walk is tomorrow but My friends and I arent going because we are gonna hang out instead of going on a 8 mile walk and no ones going to be at school because im sure 60% are going on the walk and like 38% are ditching so that leaves 2% at school who will be divided up and sent to different classrooms. Its all good though because the real thing is Grad Night when the whole class goes to Disneyland from i think 9 PM to 6 AM :D. So anyone got Street Fighter 4 on 360 I want to fight lol my gamertag is : Lief Ericson


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I went to Bamboozle Left yesterday at the Verizon Wireless Ampitheatre in Irvine. It was awesome I saw a ton of bands and I caught half a drumstick after Underneath the Gun finished their set. Every band I saw was awesome from Suicide Silence and Emmure to The Used and Taking Back Sunday, even 50 Cent was good even though I just stayed for like 3 of his songs since he was the last to perform until 10. I took a picture of all the bands I saw even if I only saw some of them for a few songs since some over lap eachother. It was just an awesome experience and there were a lot of people and band members walking around and you could go up and talk to them and it was just really cool.


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So I got my puppy yesterday finally. My sister named him Bear, and he is really hyper. I took some more pics of him at the park today and uploaded a video of him playing in the backyard with my family :P


My puppy has arrived..

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My Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy has arrived at the pet store that we ordered it from. It took awhile but they finally found a breeder and I got to see him today and omg he is so cute :). He gets to come home on friday after the shop has the vet check him, I am so excited. My sister gets to name him though since I picked the breed.

Heres a picture i took

My Birthday :D

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I turned 18 today :) I got Fallout 3 for the 360 and some clothes. I also had a job interview at the local vet to work in the animalcare section hopefully i get it.

R.I.P. Pat Mason

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Pat Mason the bassist of my favorite band Arsonists Get All The Girls passed away yesterday he had just turned 21 the day before. He will be missed :(

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