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Car Jack Streets Review (iphone)

I was looking forward to this game for quite some time. Then when the two bad releases came i got a bit worried this would flop. One was ok but for it to happen twice is not good at all. Finally when i saw that it was released i bought the game. I read on TA that it wasnt very good and people complained a lot but that happened before so i stayed optimistic.

Story: There is no real story just a background one to drive you through the game. At the start theres a short comic intro. You owe Frankie 1 million dollars and he wants it back. He even blows up your car. You are charged with paying this back in $50,000 installments each week. This week is actual real time though not in game time. When its nightime with you its night in the game.

Gameplay: I think the gameplay is brilliant. just driving around in the game and going mad is so much fun. You have a virtual d-pad to walk about. its placed on the left. On the right is a gun button which you use to shoot. When your near a car a button appears to get in. its all very simple. The car controls change slightly and this is where people started to complain. on the left you have buttons for left and right and on the right of the screen you have forward and back buttons aswell as a turbo boost. I found the driving easy to do right from the start but many complained it was difficult. I cant see it myself to be honest.

To earn money in the game you do quests for a wide range of people. You have the nice missions such as bus driving, taxi driving, pizza delivery or the not so nice such as killing, robbery, or destruction. The latter are way more fun. I also found the good missions a lot harder to do at times. As the bus does not control well i found and getting within a time limit is tough. You can also get surprise missions such as kill 10 people in 30 seconds, survive a mob attack, blow up 5 cars. These are quite fun to do although sometimes hard

you also have a list of felonies which are stuff like rundown so many people, steal so many cars and one of my favourites do donuts. there are about 10 felonies to do with 3 levels of each. You also have hidden packages around the game which you must collect. 50 in all.

Graphics: I think this game looks brilliant. The overhead cartoony look is perfect. they didnttry to do 3d and then not do it well instead they opted for simple graphics but which are done well.

Cons: there arent many and most wont last long. The first bad thing is you can only hold one weapon at a time. this can be frustrating. Added to that is if you drive over a new weapon you instantly lose your last one. Its happened to me a few times where i have lots of shotgun ammo but then i crash and spin into a grenade which i dont want.

Also there is no map in the game at all. While not a major issue it would be nice to know where you are or going at times. there is a gps system used for missions. An arrow will point in the direction of where you must go and you find your way there.

The good news of these cons is that both will be fiexed in the next two weeks id say. both are top priority at TAG games for the first update.

Final Word: i love this game so much. There is so much to with missions and just going crazy on a rampage. I would definetly reccomend this to anyone. Now I'm off to play more CJS

CJS - 9/10 (only the minor flaws lose the 10 and theyll soon be fiexed)

Attention Anti itouch/iphone People

i am so sick of people saying the ipod touch and iphone games suck or are only "pick up and play" or "for timewasters". ill admit there are plenty of pick up and play games but they are brilliant in their own right. but i want to draw attention to certain games that show this is not just a waste of time.

Galaxy on Fire - this game has a full universe created by the developers for players to explore. You start the game as a mercenary pilot. After doing a short story you enter the full free play mode. In this you are free to go where you want. On each planet you will have missions to do which range from destroying asteroid fields to destorying certain ships. You can trade goods for money and you can upgrade your ship. There are many ships and a lot of weapons so you can make it the way you want. To fully explore this galaxy will take some time

Uniwar - This game is a turn based strategy game. The gameplay is very good and i love the graphics for it but the big things about this game is the online part.You can have up to 20 matches open at one time. You can play team matches or free for all or just 1v1. There are three races to use and 52 maps. This game has so much replayability in it. As you are constantly on checking to see if its your turn in a game. I have always felt a game that has online will give the most replayability (ie COD4 and Halo for me on xbox).

Lemonade Tycoon - this is a game that i got on Saturday and since then i have invested (probably too much) a load of time in it. The amazing thing about this game is its free. Its so great trying to make your business work. Setting prices, renting new lots, buying supplies and upgrades. Theres so much in it and it can be quite tough at times. With plenty of lots to sell on youll be constantly trying to move up the ladder

those are the three main ones that i have. I will mention a few more but i cant really comment as i do not own them

-Real Football 09

-Car Jack Streets (very similar to GTA)


-Assassins Creed

-Wolfenstein 3D