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Zynga's 2013 release schedule

We at Zynga are proud to announce the launch of our fantastic new game, Pokem... I mean, Montopia! We hope you enjoy the game, and remember: "Gotta Obtain 'em All!".

Available right now!

And don't worry. We've got more exciting, very original games lined up for 2013!

(Mar 12)
Not Charted!: Blake's Fortunez

- Join Peter Blake and his old friend Mully on a riotous adventure across the globe to retrieve an ancient treasure: 'The Arch of the Coven Ants'. Daily special, buy 2 'Jump to Rock'(TM) packs and receive a bonus 'Scale the rocky wall'(TM) pack, valued at $6.99!

(Aug 9)
Three-quarters-Life 3

Jordan Gleeman returns. Additional ammo and portions of Full-Life total sold separately. $0.99 per bullet.

(Oct 30)
Evil Residence: Breakout

Lee Onkenidee is back and he's really pissed off! Pay $1.99 to kill a zombie. Every 1000 zombies killed will reward you with cosmetic upgrades like "Blue Shirt" and the ever-popular "Red hat". Don't miss it!

Cogs of Conflict

Asinine Creed: Regurgitations
SCPC: Satan Could Possibly Cry

Stay tuned!