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Next reviews!

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Hello, old gamers. Since I am an old gamer I just review old games... well... anyway... what am I saying? Next is my Medal of Honor Allied Assault review, the game which, btw, is awesome. I've never played it to the end, so that's my opportunity to have a great fun. And, there must a FFVIII review coming by, just in case. I'm also downloading Dungeon Siege 2 with its expansion... it will take a long time from me so.... wait up, guys. whatever...

Childishness maybe...

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Been hanging around the streets of Ivalice lately. Been some lazy cowboy in those lands, I must say. Either way, I am not convinced about Final Fantasy Tactics Advance still and yet, after a whole lotta years of its forthcoming appearence. I've been introduced to the first title of this awesome franchise, but, alas, it can't be helped thinking about something: I am a videogame addicted, damn it. I wish I could stop, but I just can't. I can't start playing, even childish games such as FFT:Advance. Wait... did I say childish?


Why? Let me compare both: Final Fantasy Tactics, original game, is far more delicious to receive at your door with a berry in it. It tastes better - better tactical system, better graphics, better story, better general concept. FFTactics Advance is just a, how must I say; a-sort-of-mini-game-that-younger-may-feel-any-joy. Yet, addictive... So, in my in's and out's of the gameses, hola, there a bucha for me too learn about these things... I will feel the joy of this child game until it last, or before I get too angry about my life.

Cheers, gamers.

After all this time... not always

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If Harry Potter fans read my title they would be impressed about what I am going to talk about today. Well, it is about reviewing the past, in a literally way. This means more than anybody could ever guess until now, but I am kidding, btw. So, what's up? After all this time playing my old-style games, I've been trying to figure out somethings about it... like the way I play, played it. Well, most of all, I am comparing such old titles with the new ones... like what does Dragon Age put on us? Crysis, even the upcoming Elder Scrolls? I wonder why this games gonna catch us an attention, like, we are players of a long age, we always want the same things on a game. Like I said... After all this time, always (or not), but things are that all we are accomplishing for is the same ideas but with bigger budgets. Like "Wow, I wanna shoot some guys" then Medal of Honor, but now I just don'anna just shoot'em'up some guys, but I wanna do this with style... then, Crysis, (although I found it quite a fail in the FPS, or whatever you may call in this era, genre.)

C'mon, Renato... what's the point?

Well, back to reviewing it literally. I am about to rewrite some of my reviews and write some another ones, having some new impressions in the old stuff. By now, I am playing FF7, Pirates of the Caribbean by Bethesda, some Fifa 2006 (which is the first I would like to talk... since I play it for a long time), uhn... I've started (AGAIN!) some Dungeon Sieging, and Fear Effect... which is amazingly great, but to jap for my taste... (But the Final Fantasy still sounds very great).

Thanks, guys. Til next.

Real World and Games

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Well, it's been a while since I've been here. "A while" seems too lying, it's been quite some time. After all, we people discover new things, new games, and this games sometimes don't match with video games. Not that video games are such silly things and there are more important things to do out there, not at all. Just wondering, how time just change many things and some kind of, y'know, leftovers just go away and it seems like forever or quite some time since I've last played a new game and remembered of gamespot and how wonderfully games work here. And at all things, I realized that as I've been gone so my evolution, that orange bar on the left, stopped growing. It sounds funny. It makes me realize too, that even in the little things, the things that we've forgotten as time goes by, things that we have left our marks with, lives a experience bar that will stop growing if you don't workout for it. Really cool.

So glad for my first write here (and I'm member since 2005 :o ),