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PlayStation Network Card.

Hey yall. :P I bought a new PSP 3000 with a package of Tekken Res and God of War : Ghost of Sparta. I finished GoW already... Thank god you can't really finish tekken... Anyway I was thinking if someone could explain me how the hell PS Network Cards works... I've been searching for free PSN Cards and people were giving out some saying "This one works for Canada", "This one works for ... So I was wondering if you could tell me what that means...? Do I have to buy a PSN Card specified for Greece? And now 2 Questions. -If anyone has Tekken Res on PSP, can I play Multiplayer through Internet? And if yes how? -Any recommended games for PSP? I am already thinking about FF7: Crisis Core, and Kingdom Hearts : Birth by Sleep. So I would like to hear more recommendations. Thanks, -Leviathan620 "While we are worlds apart you mean the world to me" Corina (L)

With love comes the music

And yeah yeah I know it's been a while... I was practicing hard on my guitar... What can I say. I already know "Spanish Romance ( Romanza ) , To Zanarkand, Someday the dream will end and Put your lights on by Santana ( Everlast guitar ). I 've been practicing Asturias ( Leyenda ) for sometime but it started to get impossible to be played so I think I will quit on it for a while and catch "The most evolved" by John Clarke... My inspiration? My Corina

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

It's being a long time until I played something else apart from L4D2 which I play online with my girlfriend... Yesterday I was checking out some new games... I searched for the new elder scrolls game, the whole known Skyrim. You know there is a HUGE difference in the graphic animations, the characters movement and battle-style... I saw that we all have Dual Wield Specialization. That means we can fight holding 2 swords, 1 in each hand. I am wondering if we can wear 1 2 Handed Sword to 1 hand and another 2 Handed Weapon to the other... Something like "Titan's Grip" ( Warriors Talent on World of Warcraft ). I also noticed Dual Wield Magic? If you use it, you can cast magic faster by using one time the right and the other time the left hand, or you can use both of the hands to cast the same spell but with way more power. Too bad they didn't add fighting while riding horses. They said that would change a lot the battlestyle of the game... Anyway who am I to judge them. I bet I will love the game even more than I loved Oblivion. I spent a huge amount of hours on TES IV. And I am sure I am gonna spend the same or a lot more on Skyrim (Not because I have Corina now :P). The game is coming out for everybody in every console ( PC, PS3, Xbox) at 11/11/11, strange date isn't it? At least no one can forget that :P. Here is trailers of the video for somebody that is interested to see it and he haven't. Official Games Trailer Video. http://e3.gamespot.com/showcases/elderscrollsV Todd's Interview about Skyrim. http://e3.gamespot.com/video/6318263/

Free Signature IF...

Hey guys if my entry doesn't won the banner competion, I can just put somebodys name on it and you can use it as your own signature if you want. So if somebody want it, send me a message so I will have some names in my list.

Back to work!

Anybody wants any kind of banner or signature or a blog header? I really wanna train my skills... So if somebody feels like he needs to fresh up his profile a bit with new animations, just let me know...If someone wants something specific tell me what exactly he wants in his banner.. Like a Theme or something :P

Oh and by the way, this is the banner I made for :Grand Opening - Games With Banners Competition!. I am copying it here in case you guys are bored to press the link, go down and check it out :P.

Please leave comments, bad or good, I don't mind, I want your opinion.

GamesWithBanners II

Videos Problem

Hello everyone, I have one question... I remember I had this problem back in the past too.. But yeah well whatever. Why each time I actually upload a video on gamespot and I go to my videos, there is nothing there...? Just wondering... Because I wanna upload some random videos of gameplay, mostly for the show and the emblem :P

Oh and something else... Why the hell most of my emblems have disappeared...?


Sorry I didn't log in... For like a long time... I had problems with my girlfriend and I needed to solve some stuff... I hope you guys can understand.. She means the world to me.. Meh... At least we are alright now :).

So how are you guys doing? Did I miss anything interesting? Any event or something like that :D?