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Welcome to Greenvale

When was the last time you were totally obsessed over a video game? Well for me sense February 2010 I've been obsessed over a little 360 game know as Deadly Premonition. Now my obsession for the game has taking a whole new level, over the last few months I've been playing this year's big Christmas time releases games like Modern Warfare 3,Uncharted 3, Gear's Of War 3,Resistance 3 and I'm also hoping to get Skyrim for Christmas(from what I've seen it looks amazing). Now at this moment I'm playing threw Legend of Zelda:Skyward Sword and I am loving it if your a fan of the series ha ha! I bet you already bought it and if you've never played the series before do your self a favor and check it out the game is amazing.

WHAT THE HELL DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH DEADLY PREMONITION????? I can here you all asking that right now lol I will explain.From about September when all the big releases started to come in I've played almost everyone and I've enjoyed them each immensely but!! in the back of my mind I keep thinking to myself I cant wait to finish up my 3rd play threw of Deadly Premonition. Now its very rare for me to be completely nuts for a game lol most games don't stay with me like this I think the last game that did was ILLBLEED for the Dreamcast back in 2001.Now if you never got the chance to play Deadly Premonition yet let me tell you why I loved it so much.

Deadly Premonition is a openworld/adventure/survival horror game from the mind of Hidetake "Swery" suehiro it combines elements of GTA,Shenmue and Silent Hill and it feels completely original. The two strongest points the game has are its crazy story and its great mix of old school game play. Speaking of the story you play as FBI Agent Francis "York" Morgan he decides to investigate a murder in the small mountain town called Greenvale, the reason he decided to investigate the murder was the MO for it resembled a few of his past case's.But once he gets there a string of murders erupt and now its up to him and the local police to stop it.

The story is never that simple

Like I was saying earlier the two strongest parts of the game are its story which had me guessing to the end and it had such a wonderful cast of characters like for say Agent York what makes him so cool you ask well for starters he gets hints from coffee,he has and imaginary friend named Zack oh and to top it off he See's monster which the only way I can describe them is "shadow zombies" so as you can tell York is quite the character. But he's not the only cool character in the game, we have the crazy lady that is running around town with a pot of who know's what. You have the vietnam vet who I swear is stuck in a flash back and ha ha you have the cross dresser.But besides the chacracters the story its self is so awesome I was pretty much guessing all the way to the end the game goes threw moments were it will shock the hell out of you one moment and then it will make you laugh your ass off the next.Now I really dont want to spoil the story so now I'll jump right into the gameplay.


Now what I loved so much about the gameplay was the fact that it mixed several of my favorite video game series into one thing the gameplay is broken up into three different types. You have the investigation moments from Shenmue,the open world exploration and driving of GTA, and then you have these moments where its a mix of Shenmue meet's Silent hill where your investigating a area and your also fighting those weird shadow zombie things but thats not all there's a whole lot of side quest that you can do to get better weapons and very helpful items. If I had to choose my favorite thing in the game it would be the side quest not only were the helpful in the end but it gave me another chance to talk to the colorful cast in the game.Now the thing is I really dont want to spoil the game for anyone if you come across the game I hope you check it out its only 20 bucks and heck you never know maybe you might end up loving it as much as I did. I would like to thank you all for reading my first real blog here at Gamespot. I've blogged here in the past but my past blogs were not all that exciting. Thank you all for reading oh and if you have a Myign account feel free to follow me there its Levi221 over there also.

Thanks everyone:lol: