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Resident evil: ORC

Release day is here and the news is.....good, very good. The story mode is good, a little short but you can go through over and over again with other squad mates, so it's got some replayability. The versus mode is where this game shines actually, as hard as it is to believe. It's like playing team death match while also avoiding swarms of zombies, lickers, and hunters, very fun.

Graphics: 7/10

Sound: 8/10

Replay Value: 9/10

Controls: 7/10

Motion Sensor Rant...

What a complete gimmick, these motion controls....Playstation move, Kinect....let the Wii have its one thing that makes it different. I've seen the launch games for these controls and they all look exactly the same and all seem really dumb to me, how many times can we really do bowling...or boxing, or volleyball. These controls do not belong on anything BUT the Wii, it can have the family friendly boxing games and the cart racing, you know why? Cause it works!!!! And thats what people expect from Nintendo, i expect a lot better things from Sony and especially Microsoft, what a joke.

New fav game

Sacred 2

OMG i've been following this game for a long time and i've been playing it now for a lil while....amazing...truly amazing...just what the console needs, a "mmorpg"

Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard

I haven't had this much fun playing a game since i started playing PORTAL. Seriously, it's one of those laugh out loud games. Don't get me wrong, i would never vote for this game for game of the year, but you have to understand what you're getting into when you buy it. It's not meant to be taken seriously, all the game does is make fun of the last 25 years of gaming...they've got a space marine called "master chef", a pseudo super mario, and a whole load of other references...Gears, Doom, SOCOM, Wolfenstein 3d, and there's even a boss straight out of a JRPG....not to mention its SOOOOO easy to rack up acheivement points that its not even hard, have fun guys...check it out!!!!!

Top 5 games I wish would make a comeback

  1. Deus Ex...i NEED another installment of this game...NEED NEED NEED
  2. Duke Nukem...i know i know...but DNF seems soooo far away
  3. Carmaggedon...need i say more...
  4. Mario Golf...Now would be the perfect time for a new installment
  5. Toe jam and earl...they could totally remake that nowadays and it would totally be awesome

Demos demos and more demos

SO there's been a lot of demos that have come out in the last couple of weeks...most notibly in my book is RE5 and Halo Wars...i'm gonna start with RE5 because i'm a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan of the series...i'm not a big fan of the whole "stand still while you shoot" thing, but somehow it seems to work, but i'm still not sure about the story though...still love the demo...

The Halo wars demo was amazing...normally i'm not big into RTS kinds of games, but once i played kingdom for keflings on XBLA i figured "hey, maybe these aren't so bad" so i tried out this demo. AND I LOVED IT!!!!! It's kind of short, but it gets right to the point, and what a point it is!!!

If you haven't tried either of these demos yet....whats wrong with you? Go out and try em!!!!