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Now, I recently bought the game Dark Salvation that was made by MangaledEyeStudios.... and I have to say it is the WORST waste of 15 dollars that I ever did.

Why, you are asking? Okay: for one, it took me FOREVER to figure out how to get past the first damned switch-locked door. Just a noob who this was his first FPS? No, I've been playing them since the Doom ORIGINAL days.

Second, in the room after that door? Ambushed by an enemy that you COULDN'T EVEN SEE until he was blasting you.

Next, we have the 'press the switch, jump the platforms, and rush to the door puzzle in that same room. But wait.... the timing is SO DAMNED TIGHT that even doing it PERFECTLY just BARELY gave you a second to get past the door.

Fourth complaint: The next jumping puzzle, the one where the two platforms are moving over the pit that has NO WAY OUT OF IT.... yeah, I died there about 10 times and was banging my head into the desk. First instance that I ever got a stress induced headache.

Fifth and last straw: The save system.... the damned thing sends you BACK TO THE BEGINNING OF THE LEVEL when you die, and even when you save and load, it does that!

At that point.... went online and looked for cheats, like any person who didn't really care about how he got through the game would. Guess what happened? All the cheats don't work, there is some kind of 'cheat enabler' in the 1.06 version of the game and I couldn't find that ANYWHERE online after sitting and searching for near 4 hours. So, I'm sitting, looking at the game saying "Cheats are not enabled", and feeling a stress headache coming on even worse.

I gave up after that, and was looking at my bankcard asking myself "Do I want to do a 'chargeback' on this and fight with the game company?" Well, the answer came out to no..... but it was extremely close.

Why did MangaledEyeStudios make this game like this? It seems that either they didn't know what they were doing designing the game, or just didn't care.

That said, I still have the game, and if anyone knows that cheat enabled... post it here! Considering there is a 'god' and 'noclip' cheat, that would solve most of the problems with the game.

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So, I was bored last week and decided to trade in some of my old games. I was interested in FEAR2 and was able to get the first one for 15 bucks so I picked up both. The first one was great, if a bit repetitive. The second one was even better. All the way up to the ending. The whole game is awesome and leads up to what I thought would be a fantastic, explosive conclusion. After all, the last chapter is entitled Climax and there is quite a big lead up to the final showdown. Except there is no showdown. There isn't even a boss fight. I stayed up until 3 AM to see my guy put his hand on Alma's pregnant belly? That's it? Maybe it is supposed to be a cliff hanger, but FEAR 2 has to have the biggest WTF ending I have ever come across in gaming. You don't even get to fight Alma. It seems like more and more devs are taking this lazy approach to wrapping up their games, and it is really starting to annoy me. I guess I will have to wait another 3 years for FEAR 3 and another stupid, meaningless ending. Aaargh.


Okay, you don't understand the ending? Basically, the whole "Alma is pissed!" thing in the whole series of games was because her children were taken from her soon after they were born (for the Point Man, immediately). So, having another child and this time, being able to take care of it, nurture it, etc. might calm Alma down quite a bit, and get her anger so that instead of being focused on EVERYONE, it is focused on the people who really deserve it: Genevieve Aristide and the unnamed Senator in the games.

Who knows: there might be an alliance between Alma and the people in question against Genevieve and her cronies in the next story.

Really, Alma isn't a 'villainess', in the slightest. If anything, she is a tragic heroine, getting revenge/justice (Justice in the case of her father and some of the other Project Origin members) against people for the atrocious things that were done to her from the time she was 2 days before 8, up until now!

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I have to agree with the OP that this is one of the funniest and most ironic stories that I have ever heard. Sony is so for the protection of their patents, then they might have infringed on someone else's patents and they are getting slammed/threatened for doing that.

In all reality though, this is another example of a patent that SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN ISSUED! They should only allow patents on an actual product or whole piece of software such as an OS or wordprocessing program, not these piecemeal 'theory' or whatever idiotic patents.