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Level 20?

So yesterday I became level 20. I rarely get on GameSpot any more so how am I leveling up? When I do get on its just to look up a game. I never post in the forums. Does anyone know how the level up system works?

I got my 360!

It's true. Today I got my Red Xbox 360 Elite. It came with RE5 so if anyone picked that up we should play! I should be setting up the internet soon!

Good News

I will be buying a 360 soon! Woohoo! No more having to borrow my friends!

.:New Union:.

I am going to create a new union named "Next Gen Game Tournaments" The name basically says what the union will be about. So anyone want to be a charter member? :D I need a minimum of 4 with a maximum of 8 Edit: Okay the union creation process was a huge success! Click here to join!

Halo Crusades!

Come play an awesome game called Halo Crusades! It is set in the Halo universe, and you can choose to be an Elite or Spartan. You can also go into matchmaking, join a team, join a clan. Click Here To Join!

Torn City

I have been playing a game called Torn City a lot lately. Its an awesome text-based RPG:) You can create factions, start a company, do crimes, do missions, and a lot more! start an account today!