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I wanted to write a new blog, but I have nothing to write about! Someone tell me what to write about or...Ask me a question! Any question! I'm really just seeking attention ha ha! Mostly I'm bored...and wanted something new for my profile...

I have a PSP!!! Game Recomendations?

I gota PSP for my birthday! I only have two games for it right now - Rock Band (not caring that much about it, bit it came with the machine) and Final Fantasy Tactics.

Does anyone have any good games they can recommend? I'm particularly after RPGs and strategy RPGs, but anything is good. I'm pretty open minded when it comes to games. I was looking at reveiws for RPGs and there were a lot of mediocre ratings...but I don't trust reveiws very much, so I'd like to know what you all think is good.

Guide to an RPG hero.

I've been thinking. In RPGs and I'm going to include Legend of Zelda,the heros all have several things in common. I think there are some rules or at least guidelines for a heroes. I'll list the rules and provide some examples in brackets. With a little help from my sister, I came up with five. If anyone comes up with a hero that doesn't follow any of these rules or if you come up with another rule, please tell me.

Rule #1 A hero can't talk.(Chrono (Chrono Trigger), Link(LOZ), Isaac (Golden Sun), and any Dragon Quest hero)

Rule #2 A hero will be asleep at the beginning and have to be woken or that hero will get knocked out early. Either way the hero will have to wake up. (Chrono, Link, Kalas(Baten Kaitos), Lloyd (Tales of Symphonia))

Rule #3 A hero uses a sword, or at least starts with one.Even better if the hero starts with a wooden sword. (Link, Chrono, Most Fire Emblem heros though there are some exceptions, Cecil (Final Fantasy four), Luke (Tales of the Abyss))

Rule #4 A hero's father is dead, will die, is evil or thought to be evil. (Chrono, Link, Lloyd, Cecil, Kalas, Terra (Final Fantasy 6), Alicia (Valkrie Profile: Silmeria))

Rule #5 At least one of the Hero's buddies will be tougher than that hero or will fight that hero or will have one ability that they'll keep until that person joins your group. Then the buddy will get weaker or will lose the ability they had when you didn't have control of that character.Somegames that this is done in include Tales of Symphonia, Final Fantay 5, and Xenosaga, and Chrono Trigger.

Looking at these rules, there is at least one character that is a perfect hero. This is Chrono from Chrono Trigger. He's asleep at the beginning and needs to be woken up. He uses a sword and even better yet, starts with a wooden sword. He can't talk. His father seems to be dead. It's unknown what the deal is with his dad. And, there's a character you can get who is very tough. That character also has some abilities that you'll nver get. He joins the group and isn't as tough and doesn't get some of the abilities that he had.

So, if anyone can come up with a hero who follows none of these rules, please tell me, 'cause I was stumped. I even started looking at non RPG heroes and wasn't having a lot of luck.

Also if you can come up with more rules that a lot of heroes follow, please tell me.

I'm not doing this for any reason, just for fun and curiosity.

Happy Easter!

Hi, everyone. Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter! Hope you're all having a great one!

Hello, everyone!

Hi! I just wanted to see how everyone was doing. :D I'm dong great and am in a great mood, which probably why I'm writing this. Spread the good cheer. lol. I realize I may sound weird, but nothing's wrong with that right? Hope everyone's doing well! :D

And on another note, this is early, but I hope everyone has a good Easter!

Any good Wii games

Is it just me or is the Wii kind of lacking in good games. Maybe I'm just missing them. Does anyone have some recommendations as to some good Wii games?

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