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Music Fest on Thursday.

On thursday I went to music fest with the concert band to perform in the national standards, and plus I pretty much had to be there (I'm the tuba player :P) and the other tuba player sucks.....a lot. So we left around 8:00 AM but we didn't have to play until 3:00 PM so me a my friends were there for the day doing nothing. Oh and we when to a school called Collingwood collegiate but everyone there is a jackass. To make this blog alot shorter we got silver for the concert band and silver for the stage band. That's about it.

Long time since last blog from teh lemonz

Big snow storm

Well I'm getting hit by a pretty big storm that started this morning but came from the states. It's been at least 2 hours after me and dad cleared the driveway and it's already a good few inches or so and is still coming down hard. Insanely cold out but hey at least I made $10 clearing snow with the snowblower. What a great machine it is makes it ALOT easier to get rid of snow than the old shovel and breaking your back. If this keeps up for the day and night there'll be a definite snow day :D

Nothing much

Thought I would just update me blog for no reason. Nothing happening maybe getting new shoes don't know when.......sooo.....yeah. Here's 7 Deadly Sins by flogging Molly. Sins I would put the video into here but I don't know how :(.

Wasting thy tyme ye olde Lemoneth

Computer down

Sorry I haven't been on lately but my computer is down.  I'm typing this from a friends computer and hopefully I'll have my comp running again soon.Not on his computer teh Lemonz

School - 2

Well tiss the 2nd day of school and it's pretty good. My history teacher is a platoon commander...who knew. The classes I got a nice well except for law....my god it's a boring class. Got a funny math teacher and he actually explains how to do the work instead of putting it in the most simplest term where you can't figure it out. That's another of my 2 bits worth.

Stop wasting your time reading this from teh lemonz.


Well In a few days I'm back in school going into G.11. Well at least the classes I chose aren't that bad.....I just hope I don't get any bad or mean teachers. God I hate those ones :x. Well that's my 2 bits worth for now.

Wasting your time reading this teh lemonz.

Canada's Wonderland

For those who don't know what this is it's Canada's most famous amusement park. A recent update says that they are getting a new coaster that's supposed to be Canada's biggest, and fastest roller coaster and should be ready by May 2008 or something. Here's a link: Behemoth

I got my oldest and first PC game to work!

If you're familiar with the C&C game series I got Tiberian dawn or C&C1 as some people call it to work on my xp. It was a bit hard with all the configurations and making different files but I got to work :D. Just putting it out there.

Wasting your time again from the lemonz.