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Hi people of Game-spot, This is Lembo 101,i just thought i would give an overview of my tastes in Video games. I own a PC, Xbox 360, and a Wii (written in order of use). My favourite PC games are, anything made by valve (half-life, hl2, Portal, counterstrike, Teamfortress classic, EVERYTHING (except Ricochet)), i also like the many half life 1 and 2 mods, some RTSs that I like are Warcraft III, AOM, AOE (all of 'em), and Company of Heroes, i also play Civ IV, and Medieval Total War. I dont play to much 360, but i do enjoy Halo3, GTA IV, and Sean White Snowboarding I haven't played Wii in a long time, but i occasionally play Super Smash Bros, and Mario Galaxy.