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Yesterday's adventure, one decision made, one to go.


How's everyone doing? I'm just great!

Yesterday I went out with a friend, it was pretty good. Well, at first, I thought it would suck, because I had to wait some 40 minutes for my friend to arrive, and then we were going to the movies, but we lost the sesion because... he was 40 minutes late...

But I wasn't in the mood to go to the movies anyway, it was he that wanted to watch that movie about Facebook. So we eat and we went to a game store. I usually only check out the games and say nothing, but this time I asked the guy, one of the clerks, what to do of my very very hard decision I had to make.

He was really cool. We talked for some 40 minutes about games and stuff. He started by asking what I like and showed me some of the ones I already know: Red Dead, New Vegas, Dead Rising, etc, etc. Then he stopped. He said: ever hear of a game named Vanquish? Me: Yes, but I don't know much about it. Him: Let me show you a video.

He played an AWESOME trailer on the TV, and right after it ended, I said : Okay, I just made my decision.

So, Vanquish it'll be.

But it wasn't just that. He then talked about an event that I didn't know anything about. The Fair Play day (or Fair Game day, lots of translations) is a day that will happen later this january and will ba a day that some games will be free of import taxes and all kinds of taxes, so, a new game that usually costs some 199 R$ will be costing some 89R$, and that is awesome.

So, one more chance of buying a new game. If I still have money on this day, I'll be getting Little Big Planet 2, supposing, of couse, that it'll be one of the chosen ones for the Fair Play day.

After the game store, we went for the shopping center's library for mangas, but there was nothing I liked. I wanted Evangelion 23. So, we decided to go to another library, just accross the street (I mean, just accros the avenue). It was a long way to the library, and it was raining, so we got really wet.

And after getting wet as hell, guess what? No Evangelion 23 at that library as well. I have only seen it in one place: the supermarket, but tha't a long way from that library. So I decided to buy something else, since this library has way more manga that the shopping one had.

No first editions, I'm afraid. I had to buy the fourth edition of Highschool of The Dead. I was interested in this one for a long time, and now I'll buy the rest of the volumes at day 18 of this month, in the manga event.

My first notes of HOTD: Hot girls, panties and zombies!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

So, that's it. It's time for me to make a decent blog, another top 10 list, perharps. Give suggestions!

PS: One weird thing: after we got to that second library, I noticed that I was way more wet than my friend. I've been thinking of that, the rain probably chose me because I'm black (or almost).