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The sociological reasons why violent games are inofensive.

I love my sociology classes, and I have the best sociology teacher on Brazil.

One time, we were disscussing about violence on games. He likes games (he borrowed me Uncharted 2 and God of War collection) and he absolutely agrees that violence on games is inofensive. I thought his arguments were solid and interesting enough to be put here, after all, I promissed a real blog this time, right?

The discrimination that happens with violent games starts by one of the basics of sociology, that is violence. Violence is when an event, a common event, gets brutally different from what's common. Physical violence, moral violence, they all are the same in this context.

What makes a person violent is creation. When you're a kid, sometimes you do wrong things and your parents have to punish you. The right thing to do is teach, through dialoge, why the child has done bad things, why those things are bad and the child will accept the punishment. Example of a punishment: not going out on the weekend, or not being able to play games for a week, etc, etc.

But our society has a way of easy paths. It's a lot of work, to teach a child from wrong and right, to understand her and help. Sometimes the stress is so much, or tireness, and the parents only give a hard punishment, sometimes using violence. This is easier, they think, and the child wont do anything bad for a while. What they don't know is that this cripples the child forever, for the child wont use of dialogue to solve it's own problems. Instead, the child will use of the same easy path of the parents: violence.

This generates a lot of problems to the child, and to the people around her. Bulling on schools is one example, because this child will use of violence agains the one's that use of dialogue. this generates more problems.

When a bunch of bullyed geeks get some weapons and shoot some bullys in school, what people almost aways says is that it happened because of violent games, because after all, the geek assassin's parents almost aways use of dialogues and teach their kids well. So it can only be violent games, right? Wrong. You see, when you are bullyed at school, people almost never understand that staying there makes you feel terrible. The parents almost never understand and keep their sons there, in their school, untill the kid(s) explode, or find a gun and shoot somebody, or try suicide, etc, etc. After all, you can only tolerate someone bullying you to some point.

In the end, it's got nothing to do with games, right? Well, here comes the part where I repeat: We like easy paths, and there is nothing easy on diving into problems like that, finding solutions and exposing them. What we do is way more simple, we find something easy to point out, something that, in theory, could, or could not, have triggered a killing or any crime. Drugs, debts, intrigues, stuff like that, and then someone notices that the criminal likes to play violent games, and in absence of anything else, they blame those games, that are completely inofensive in the middle of all that.

If we think a little bit, there is violence in lots of older cartoons and comics, even the Loovey Tunes got a bit of violence (the older episodes, not new ones). Our parents and grand parents lived that time and they're not violent (my parents aren't, dunno 'bout yours). So, this is all about creation of our children and understanding of people's minds.

This may not have been a blog about games after all, but it's a bit more usefull than most of the things I blog about, right? Sorry for tiping errors or gramatical errors as well, it's probably not perfect. Credits go to my sociology teacher, he's the most awesome teacher ever!

If someone says that violent games are awfull to you, counter back with this!

Stay well, hope you enjoyed!