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School's Out For Summer!

I'm writing this from my school's computer. Yes, this is my last day of school, I'm counting the seconds to get out of this hellhole!

So, this is the beggining of my holydays! Now, someone please tell me, why holydays are called holydays? I mean, I know they are holy, to me, at least :), but that must not me the reason... They can't be holy to everyone, can they? (they can)

And remember the blog about Evangelion being published here one more time? It's truth!!!!! YAY!!!! :D. They're starting by the ones that weren't published last time, witch I think is 22, 23, 24 and 25, and then they'll go back to the first one. I have the 22 in my bag right now, and it makes me happy that it won't end like the anime, that had a really inconclusive ending.

Really small image... Coudn't find anything bigger. I like the fact that it has Misato on the cover, she's my favorite character. And she's really detailed on the cover.

I was at the comic store, searching for something interesting to buy, and I almost got the fifth volume of Rosario + Vampire.I don't enjoy any of the load of vampiristic stuff that was released along with Twilight, but I never judge a book (manga) by it's cover, actually, the cover caught my attention, and the fact that itcosted 10 bucks for some 200 pages (full tankobon) and Evangelion costed 7,90 for 90 pages (half tankobon), and at first, I felt like being robbed. But then, I looked a lot at the Evangelion manga and I realised that it has a greater quality of paper and cover, not those newspaper like paper that gets yellow really fast. I still feel robbed, but that made me feel better :P.

Get's your atention, right?

So, someone knows if Rosario + Vampire is like that homo stuff that Twilight unleashed over our planet or is it original, or OK at least?

Besides that, nothing going on. I'm counting the days for Ressaca Friends (the manga event), that's in 19th of this month, and counting seconds to get out of school. Still some hours left.