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Ressaca Friends!!!!!

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Today was finaly the so antecipated day that I would go to paradise, and spend some bucks on apples (it's a metafore, I went in an anime event and purchased some mangas).

Sooooooo AWESOME!

The beginning was exiting! Well, the begining was boring actually, 'cause I waited three hours on the line before entering, but then it got exiting once I was there. The first place to go,: The comics store (called Comix!). It was a war. People slashing other people's throats in order to get rare mangas, and then lot's of people running to get to the store, and then the store was sooo full, and I had to go fast. Thankfully, I waited three hours on the line, witch mean I got there REALLY early, so I was almost the first guy in line and when I got to Comix, it was kinda empty (it got full in less than thirty seconds). I had some time (thirty seconds) to find what I wanted.

I must have purchased some 50 mangas.

Let's see: 23 volumes of Sakura Card Captors (no number one, I'm afraid. They were selling the number one for 100 bucks in the event, because it's really rare, and I'm not paying that. I'll find it on the internet for some 20 bucks, you'll see)

14 volumes of Chobits (no number 1 and 2. Both freaking rare)

11 volumes of Love Hina (same problem, but worse. I have the 4, 5, 8, 9, 11, 12, 17, 18, 22, 24, 25, and 26. already found the first one for 20 buck on the net)

Elfen Lied's fifth volume. I lacked this one.

High School of The Dead's third volume.

Evangelion's 19, 20, 21, 23. (already have 22)

Fairy Tail's second volume.

So, fifty five mangas. Thats a whole lot of manga to me!

Every Chobits costed 3 bucks and every Love Hina 2,something, and every Sakura costed 2. I had to buy it. So I have almost the whole collection!


Next time I'm going as a Ganondorf cosplay. Yeah, just like he is on Twilight Princess. It's going to be awesome!

Ohh yeah, My firends took a lot of pictures of the event, but I lack a camera, so they'll send me the pictures and I'll put them in here. They're so awesome!!!!

This was a big day to me. A whole lot of fun, really. It's nice to go to a place where everybody enjoys the same thing that you do, specialy if it's sbout mangas.

So... I guess that's it. I'll make my top ten fav foods blog next week, as suggested by @Pink_Kikka . Today 'it's just about the event.

Stay Well!!!!!