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Ressaca Friends!!!

Hai people!

So... this blog is one more question that is going to decide the way my life is going through...

Some friends asked me if I'm going to the ressaca friends festival. It is a anime/manga festival, full of mangas, animes, cosplays and otakus, so off course I said yes! Everything that is sold there costs 20% less than it would in the actuall stores, so, I'll buya lot of stuff.

But... there is one problem. I... don't know what I want! I mean, I don't know much mangas, and the one's I know I'm not interested in. I've been told that Haruhi is great, but unfortunately, there is still no Haruhi on Brasil :(. I've been told there is a manga that is entirelly chibi stile, but I don't know it's name.

If you guys have ANY suggestions for mangas, I'd apreciate you sharing them with me. I'll give some cookies to the guy that helps me the more!