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My First Post!!! I'm soo happy!!! (Top 10 OST also)

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This is my blog, my very first post on Gamespot. I'm going to start by explaining my name: While i was searching for Leir Bag on google (for curiosity only), i had some sad dicoveries. Turns out there are some DJs and some bag stores with that name. This nick, Leir_Bag, is nothing more than my name backwards, separeted by "_" to look like something else and not just my name backwards.

With that explained, i bet that 80% of you guys have already tryed to read my name backwards now. Yeah, thats my name! So... i have to say that i am not a frequent blogger, by frequent i mean "blogs one time per 5 minutes". I may post 3 times a week or once a month depending on my mood. Yeah, also, because i am a moody person, i may blog about one topic lots of times. I'll try to keep variating but it's hard to me, sometimes i blog only about one franchise, than i drastically change and start blogging about another, keep changing.

So... i think it's a strange thing that i'm making a top 10 thing in my first post here, peaple probably wait a bit, making reviews and other stuff, but since it was a top 10 list that i read that made me come here and make my blog, i think that making a top 10 list is the best thing for me to begin my comunity here on GS.

Before i start the list, only one thing: My banner sucks. Dont say that i doesn't because it does, it sucks, a lot, because i suck at making those images. If a good, generous soul that may wander around here wants to help me, you just tell, i'm all ears. I'll eventually change it, even if nobody helps, but it may take a while.

Now, to the list: My top 10 OST list is not going to be a lot variated, i think. I love japanese culture, all of it, animes, mangas, their game **** etc, but i don't know a lot of OSTs coming from there, so, i think that my list is going to be almost all from here, ocident, i mean.

10 - Metal Gear Saga, from Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of The Patriots.

One true masterpiece, i think, i just loved the battle against Ocelot at the end, in the cutscenes, the final part of the song comes in right before the fight begins. So amazing!!!!

Youtube's link here

9 - Metroid Prime Theme (don't know if that is really the name), from Metroid Prime.

All soundtrack from the game is awesome, you don't even have to like that kind of song to find if perfect for the game. The main menu and the credits have this same song.

Youtube's link here

8 - Afro Samurai, the Kuma Battle (that is not the name, i know, believe me, i searched for it and coudn't find).

I repeated the battle with Kuma overand over again just for the music, and believe me, i hate that kind of music, but i couldn't stop, it fits, ohh it fits, fits perfectly with the game, with the anime, hell, i bet you could read the manga while hearing the music and it would be awesome. I gess if i liked the genre i would like a lot more and this would be third or second on the list.

Youtube's link here

7 - Clock Tower (Song of Healing), from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.

I swear i am not imitading you SpaceAngelCyn ! Believe me, i downloaded this song and heard it some 15 times in a row when i was a kid. I did the same with Bolero of Fire, from Ocarina of Time, and it was awesome as well, but not so simple and perfect as this one. Sooo sad.... it heals.

Youtube's link here

6 - Metroid Zero Misson Theme, from Metroid Zero Mission.

I gess i liked the new Metroid songs way more way more than the old ones (the old ones being on Snes and Nes titles). I loved this song from the moment i heard. I dont know, i gess most peaple dodn't care for this one, but it really makes me feel the loneliness that, in my opinion, the Metroid series try to give to players. To see Samus wandering around alone, remembering of her past, while hearing this song, is awesome.

Youtube's link here

5 - The Best Is Yet To Come - Metal Gear Solid.

Memories... aww memories!!!! This song makes me go back some 10 years, when i was 6 and loved Metal Gear Solid. I brigs me so much peace... The ending of the game was really awesome, i dont remember much, but i remember Naomi talking after this song, about life, and it was... perfect.

Youtube's link here

4 - Bolero of Fire - The Legend of Zelda Ocerina of Time.

I think Zelda hits the spot of my childhood pretty deep. I remember downloading a complete, longer version of this song that was really nice, and i loved it.

Youtube's Link here

3 - Snake Eater - Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.

I never finished this Metal Gear, never finished any PS2 chapter of the series, i heard this song on Guns of The Patriots, and i loved to punch Ocelot while hearing it. What can i say? I loved it, it's on the list after all :D.

Youtube's Link here

2 - Ethan Mars Theme - Heavy Rain.

Another game i never played, but loved just for seeing. I still watch the Heavy Rain trailer over and over just to hear the great soundtrack. Not just awesome, this song really goes deep, one that deserves to be heard. Hear it, if you haven't heard it yet.

Youtube's Link here

1 - Midna's Lament - The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess.

Funny, i was saying that all this songs reminded me of my childhood and then, the first one of the list is a new game (if 2006 is new for you, it is for me). This song, i think, is the best i heard in the series, it is so simple enough to get in our heads, complex enough to make we cry to death, and fits the moment, one unique moment, that it makes appearance in the game. When Midna gets weak because of Zant's surprise attack at the end of the water temple and you have toget her to zelda, i wanted the moment never to end.

Youtube's Link here

So, not a great list, but it's a list, one i really love (i used this word a lot, i know). I hope you like it, never made a top 10 thing, not even in my personal blog, and i hope you liked enough to come here another time. Though decision on these last two, both great masterpieces.

well, see you in some three days, i hope!:D

Ohh yeah, i forgot, you guys can tell me what you think of my way of doing things, make sugestions, speak your mind, i need that because i don't really know what you guys like,top 10 lists, reviews, etc. I'll give a cookie to the guy that gives me a good tip.