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Long time GS!


I know nobody missed me. People are probably saying "why is that he had to come back? It was so good without him!" well, buck* it, i'm back.

The reason I was gone for so long, the important thing keeping me away is... nothing :P. Well, I've been playing a lot of Ragnarok and doing stuff, so, i've been kinda busy. With nothing really important, as aways.

I've never really been a MMORGP player, but I remember very well that, when I was a kid, I had purchased the Ragnarok installment CD to play it at home. Of course, I was too little and did not know that it would totaly suck in my dial up internet, but fortunately, in sucked but it was quite playable.

Soo, it's nice to finaly play it with a decent internet. and I've been playing like hell.

Anyway, one more day of school and I'll be finaly free!!!! Yes, schooooooool's out.... for.. summer!!!!

And, this thursday I went in my school's sebo (in portuguese, "sebo" is the word used to call a store that sells used comics, books and stuff. There's probably a word in english for that, but I don't feel like searching...) and I found one Akira's old edition, in portuguese, of course, and it wasn't the first one, in was chapter 27. I purchased it anyway, it was only 1 R$.

Again, I would put pictures of the manga in this blog but i have zero cameras. I'll make sure to get one borrowed from a friend when I go to that anime/manga event later this month, and then I'll take pictures of everything - even myself (maybe) - and put it here.

Sooooo, I haven't been doing nothing, and I was thinking of something. I can't joing the american's Ragnarok servers, but maybe one of you could join me in the Brazilian's one? Would be quite an adventure! It's free to play, just for you to know...

I just downloaded Lucky Star's first chapter. I think I'm going to watch now. See you guys some other time, and i'll make sure to do it sooner :D!