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Hey fellas.


It's been ages since I did my last blog. I guess I kinda got carried away with other stuff and let go of this blogging, even though I really like talking about gaming...

You'll notice I was blogging more about mangas and stuff than gaming. Well, I tstill have my mangas, I just find a hard time reading and trowing money at them when I'm being constantly swallowed by games and duties*.

You'll notice a small star when reading the "duties" word on the last paragraph. Well, I guess since it's been a long time, I better introduce myself again and see if you guys get interested: I'm a 18 year old boy (man? I don't feel like one yet) and I'm studing hard to go to law school. I live in Brazil, which is a sucky, **** place for gamers and tecnology alike because you need pay a buckload of taxes to pay for stuff. This means I get to buy 3 - 4 games per year, if I'm lucky. It also means I play a lot of older or smaller, indie games that I can find on the internet bacause they are cheaper (but just as good as the newer ones, most times). Because I have to study a lot, I get stressed and tired, and games are the best remedy for me, the adventure ones. I also enjoy talking about games and what makes me like them, and that brings me here. I'm hoping I can make this blogging thing my escape valve when I'm really tired or reading and stuff.

If you have read this far into this blog, then I thank you. I will be writting here again, and if you guys can leave comments, just to show that you care if i'm dead or alive, that'd be great.

Just one thing, and plase remember this and keep it in your heart forever: Brazilians DON'T speak spanish. I know it's a common mistake, but it's nice to just leave it there.There's no excuses now :)