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Finaly Free!

Freedom of the high speed internet! I shaw make a statue in honor of that.

Yes, it's been some time, I wanted to wait untill I had flash's internet to make my first high speed blog. I gotta say, IT FEELS... almost the same. I mean, the same to write, but way easier to pick some images and videos, so yay! Now I can fly through the web and satan won't pull me down anymore.

I AM going to download K-on's second season. I am going to blog way more. I am going to visit the forums more often. I am going to read mangas online. I am going to watch a lot of stuff on youtube. I am going to waste time listing those things...

I've been trying to choose the mangas to buy next month and I'll absolutely take Chobits. I read some three chapters online, witch is enouth to see if I get interested and not so much to spoil lots of stuff, and you can get happy Cynthia (or not...), I loved it. Funny and lovely, and even better, cheap. I can buy the hole thing and still be with a lot of money in my pocket. It is really well drawnned, unlike Elfen Lied manga or Naruto manga, this is, in my opinion. No perspective errors and body structure is awyas perfect, as well as face expressions, I'd give A+ it, if this was a review.

I've been, however, having problems choosing what to buy with the rest of my money, since chobits is really cheap. I spend it all on what (I will spend it all, have no doubt about that)? Maybe I'll search for Soul Eater chapters in english on the event, or Haruhi.

Or save the money to buy LBP 2 next year (I wont be able to do that, I can't hold myself when mangas are in front of me). Well, this my first High speed blog, trying to be quick to watch anuimes, read mangas and stuff, but keep reading. I might make a real blog sometime.