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Evangelion on Brazil! (again), Fairy tail, K-on second season and music.

Hai people.

I'll begin shortly, because right now, I running the danger of sleeping in my keyboard. Well, not so much because of the time, but I'm feeling kinda ill today. Anyway...

So, I watched K-on's second season first episode and, what can i say? K-ON!

I loved yui's acoustic intro in the first episode so much that I learned it. In fact, not only that, I can play Don't Say Lazy (first season ending) and My Love Is a Stapler (this one has a japanease name impossible to remember, so..)

And I liked the fact that nobody enters the club for now. Let it be like that for a while, 'cause I can't get tired of those characters. Hopefully, I've read somewhere that there will be no love interests for the girls, witch is also great for me. It's not that I don't like romance, but the anime is so purely and uncommonly fun, that introducing common boys and love feelings would be sooo boring. Let it be simply funny and happy, as it already is!

So, the EVA stuff. Once there was a time, a long long past time, and there was a brasilian publisher interested in publishing Neon Genesis Evangelion here (lets call in company "C", for it's name is Conrad). So they did it, untill the brazilian releases were exactly at the same volume as the japanese releases. But, as time passed on, that publisher C started to suck, and company J (named JBC) started being the best manga publisher. So JBC will re-launch the manga on brasil an publish the 4 or 5 japanese releases that C couldn't publish on those 9 years of the manga in portuguese. JBC is also publishing the Fairy Tail manga, as a matter of fact, I have in my hands the very first volume! and my first impression is... Crazy! But nice, fun to read, from the beggining to the end (of the first chapter).

I also purchased the Elfen Lied manga volume 6. Yeah, Mariko is blond on the manga. Weird, right? Gives her a completely diferent look. Well, I really don't mind her changing. My favorite will aways be Nana. her hair is purple on the manga, by the way, not pink.

And thats it. Can someone suggest me a music to learn on the guitar? Doesn't have to be a OST, you know.

Ohh, yeah, I completely forgot...

Well, maybe I shouldn't say this, but I purchased Tokio Mew Mew's first volume as well. I mean... I purchased it to my sister.... yes, my sister...

Seriously now, I purchased it for my sister, but that didn't keep me for reading, and, well, It's kinda cool, but really a girl manga. Sooo pink.

Now I'm done. Probably going to sleep now. You see, I live my life in a very special way: I can stay awake for several hours, way more than a common person, but I'm aways sleepy. Really sleepy.

Wish me a good nigh of sleep. I'll wish you all a good day tomorrow. Please come back to read more because this is pointless without people reading. I love you all, in a totaly heterosexual way.

Ohh, yeah, I forget this all the time, Code Geass is to be released be JBC on Brazil too. I hear a lot about this manga around gamespot. More on that another day, I need some sleep or i just might die. Good night.