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Demon's Souls completed, SSTIV rocks hard, and first K-on season.

Hey people!!!

Sorry for not blogging sooner, I've been more cupied than I usually am, playing those games and going out a bit... But here I am. I know I still have to make a Mirror's Edge review, don't worry, one day I will :).

So, I... finished Demon's Souls. Yeah, I finished it last wednesday, actually, some 25/30 hours of gameplay. It rocks, a lot, but I'll wait untill I can play online to make it through the game a second time. The Flamelurker is an unholy bastard, hardest of them all, to me. The Penetrator is the funnier. I don't want to put perverted things in my blog, but you gotta admit, putting that name on the boss, what were the developers thinking? "he's going to penetrate you!" hahaha. I died only one time on that boss, all because of the laughs.

Now I'm playing a lot of Super Street Fighter IV, aww, it is so cool! I even got a poster, a giant super poster. A shame I can't show you the poster here, I can't take pics because I have no camera. Anyway, I'm trying to decide what game my uncle will bring to me from Argentina, But it's been hard. Force Unleashed 2 comes out this month, Gran Turismo 5 comes out next, I still want Heavy Rain and... aww, all that choosing kills me.

And I hope you all stay fine, righ there in your PCs. I'll get high speed internet in november's 10th, and it will be easier to blog with it.

EDIT: completely forgot to talk about K-on. I loved that anime! Unfortunately, I coudn't save any second season chapters on my pen drive because of some weird thing that happened with it. I hope that they don't put romantic interests on the second season, it should be like the first one, simple and happy!

So long felas!

Finally a new game.

Hai people!

I guess you're all wondering what new game is that I got :p. Remember me talking about buying Demon's Souls? Well, So I did. Actually, I had to trade some old games of mine, but that's OK, I didn't like the games that I traded that much, except for one, that is Little Big Planet, but I'm already buying LBP2 next year, so...

I got Super Street Fighter 4 as well. Finally I'm gonna break my boredom. Right now I'm trying to download as many K-on!! episodes as I can before my uncle show up to take me back home. I have already downloaded the first season, I'm putting it on my pen drive right now.

Now, I was affraid to buy Demon's Souls because it's hard, but now I'm loving it just because of that. Yesterday I killed the Tower Knight, ohh it was awesome! Now I'm at the giant spider and I don't have any item to recover health... It's going to be hard. I started my profile with a templar knight, but then I made another with a hunter, and hunters are much better then the templar knight, they move way faster.

Anyway, I barely played the arcade mode in SSF4, I played a lot of versus with my cousin and my uncle. Juri is my new favorite! And what can I say? The game rocks, It's good that I have it, now I have two fighting games! My impressions on both games will be put in reviews, but first thing is first, I got to make the Mirror's Edge review, probably I'm going to do it today.

What happened with @SpaceAngelCyn ? I miss her :(

So, I think that's it. I hope to keep enjoing Demon's Souls as well as SSF4, and I hope you guys to stay well!

Top 10 game characters, K-ON! and other stuff.


It's good to blog with a decent internet conection, wonderfull how things get easy when you're not on 26kb of speed. No, I still don't have a good internet at home, but I'm at my Grandma's house, and this is heaven for me. I didn't blog sooner because I was beating games on the Pc and doing other stuff, and that kept me pretty ocuppied.

One of the things that kept me ocupied was K-ON. I must say... it... ROCKS!!!!!! What a cute, funny, anime! And the musics are awesome! I feel ashamed for not watching it sooner. I watched only some 4 episodes, I'm going to download all of them, first and second season, and I'll watch them at home. I'll dedicate this week to the art of gaming and only that.

No Demon's Souls for me, not this month. BUT!!!! My uncle is going to Argentina next month!!! He'll buy me a game while he's there. I have some money, but I'll use them to buy new strings to my electric guitar because I wanna learn how to play K-ON's opening and ending, and I'll stop at nothing untill I learn them!

So, I promissed something a bit more usefull, here's something usefull:

My Top Ten Character list.

First thing you should know: They have not been chosen only because of they're depth, yet because I like them, and if you're favorite character isn't here, he sucks or I don't know that he exists, either case you should post the character so I can laugh at you, or, what is unprobable, agree with you. Or simply get to know that your favorite character exists.

OK, here it goes:

10 - Dante - Devil May Cry - He is funny, he is calm, and he beats demon's untill they cry. So, I guess there isreally no need to explain why I like him, right?

9 - Link - The Legend of Zelda and all it's chapters - Most people, MOST, would put Link in second on the list, or first, and I see why. But I can't put him on second, because... I don't know nothing about link. In fact, nobody knows. Why? Because Link talks less than Gordon Freeman. I don't know what is his favorite color, or what is his taste for women, or what he likes to do in sunny, fresh days, and nobody else does. But he is brave, he has a part of Triforce and he is reborn every 3/6 years, time that Nintendo takes to make a sequel where he looks weirder, or funnier, and talks less. I like Wind Waker's Link more than all others.

8 - Sweet Tooth - Twised Metal series - What to explain? He is a Clown, his head is in flames, he smashs other cars with hisice creamcollored and funny car, making death with a black humor. He is awesome.

7 - The Master - Fallout - The Master's voice is even coole than James Earl Jones's, and his apearence makes he look like the inner part of a cow, blended with a computer. Also : Master, Master! Master of Puppets I'm pulling your strings! twisting your mind and slashing your dreams! Blinded by me you can't see a thing! Just call my name and I'll hear you scream! Master, Master!

6 - Midna - The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - Midna is funny, she is probably the best character of all Zelda series. Her backstory is great, her personality is deep (not much, but it is), she is funny and lovable. A shame tha she doesn't get to be reborn with every Zelda chapter. Instead, they put some green, weird guy, a blond girl that is completely useless and a mute blond geek.

5 - Eddie Riggs - Brutal Legend - I have not played much of Brutal Legend, but I don't have to do it to know that Eddie rock (literaly). First, he has Jack Black's voice, second, his guitar makes lighnings hit demon's faces and melt their heads, and third, his car is more awesome than the bat mobile.

4 - Kratos - Gow of War series - It's not about his apearence, not only about his back story, it's about his rage. Kratos, the Ghost of Sparta, is the most enraged character ever created. You can feel the rage in his fists while he punches Poseidon in his face, while shouts at the gods, cursing them for killing everything that he loved.

3 - Samus Aran - Metroid series - OK, Samus talks even less than Link. But!!!! Samus is hot :D. And also... well, her backstory does not change with every game, in all of th Metroid Primes there is a story, only present in the log book files that contain lots of information about the planet and the people that lived there, and some of the chapters, like Fusion and Other M, show a talking Samus and reveal a lot about her (without changing the backstory).

2- Solid Snake - Metal Gear Solid - Some people like Liquid, some people like Big Boss, but the one I like is Snake. The legendary soldier, brother of Liquid Snake, is the best character in the Metal Gear series. He knows he is not a hero, he is just a killer, with a job to be done.

1 - Old Snake - Metal Gear Solid 4 - You'll ask me: what's the diference? I'll say: there is a LOT of diference. Old Snake, a nick named for the aged Solid Snake, is deeper than he was when he was young. Now he is aging fast, he knows his time in this world is short, and he knows that today he is a freak, a shadow, from an old age. His time has passed, but his job is still there to be made, he still has to complete his mission. And, also, he still knows, he is no hero, just an old killer.

That's it. I am going to finish Mirror's Edge soon, and then I'll make a review. A good week to everyone who read this post, untill next time!!!!

Final Fantasy VI, more Alice and one more big decision (I MIGHT have to make).

Hey brothas, wassup? I started playing FF VI Advanced yesterday (on virtual boy, I'm afraid). It has been really entertaining, something that I haven't felt with a gameboy title in a long time. Terra is interesting, the hole plot is, and I couldn't de happier with the battle system, although I don't have much games with battle systems to compare with this one. And I didn't finish the book, yet, witch is good, because once I finish it I'll feel bored again. This weekend I might get some money from my grandma (that's one big MIGHT!). IF I do, I can spend it in some game at the local store, that has good prices, or just keep it, or burn it, or purchase lots of candys. The problem is that the cheapier titles in the store are a bit... amm... they may suck. Well, I'm sure one is good, Brutal Legend, but the thing is: it is short, painfully short. There's Demon's Souls, that I may like a lot and I may hate, and there's Dead Space and Super Street Fighter 4. My life is only made of decisions, as you can see. Next blog is going to be something usefull, maybe a top 10 stuff. Well, which game I must buy? (I MAY buy, one big may...) Ohh, yeah, I'm going to type my favorite, most recent story in english to put it in GameSpot, I hope you like it!

Through the looking glass...

Ohh, I'm happy.

Wanna hear something myserably funny? The high speed internet instalationdidn't work again. Same issue, one that is too complicated and ridiculously stuped to even put in this blog, but fortunately will be fixed, in a week, I hope. Well, thats how lucky I am. So, I had 50 bucks that were going to the instalation, but since this week there was no instalation at all, I was free to burn it (remember: a game here costs some 200 bucks). So, since I was feeling like crap, I went out with some friends and purchased a book that I was looking for some long time, and that everyone knows, named "The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland" and "Through The Looking Glass And What Alice Found There". One cool edition with both stories, non adapted texts, only translated to portuguese. That made me happy, after all, book are my second item in my "What i like" list. The first is, obviously, games, and third are manga/animes.

And the book is great, I can't stop reading, half because of my anxiety with new stuff, half because it is a great book, indeed. Alice is a wonderfull, smart little girl, really a lovable character, and it's a shame that I've already read more than half of the book (read "Alice in Wonderland" but barely started "through the looking glass"). So, now I'm even more interested in buying Alice: Madness Returns, and I was already was really interested in it. Also, now I wanna change my cat's name from Porridge to Snowdrop (his name is "Mingau", witch is Porridge in portuguese), but I won't, Porridge is one perfect name for him.

I guess I followed the hype that Tim Burton's movie created, but it was good to buy this one cla$sic I lacked (wow, I can't say ****c!).

Now, I was going to download a bunch of K-ON chapters this weekend, but I can't with this satanic dial up. Ahh,I wanna watch it!!!!!!!!!! Elfen Lied's fifth manga volume has just been published and I gotta buy it, but I'll only be able to do it next weekend, because I purchased the book yesterday. So, I'll pretty much be reading all weekend.

I wanna finish Metal Gear Solid 4 getting fox hound emblem at the end, so I'll put it in my Now Playing list. If any of you guys has a tip for me, I'd apreciate that, because finishing it on hard without be seen and without killing anyone is pretty hard. I'm also looking for a fun, not so long, funny manga, if anyone knows one, suggest!

And thats it. I'm not into a lot of gaming right now, but I'll be. At some point of next month my friend will be coming here and will bring his Ninendo 64 for me. And it will be fun to play.

So long, and thanks for all the fish!

PS: I've been noticing that a lot of people on GS writtes stories in blogs. Would you guys like me to blog some of the stories I wrote? I write since I was 8, I really love it, and it's probably because of this that I find some time to blog here and on my personal blog while using the unholy net. I bet you guys would like'em, but maybe I should wait untill I have more friends here. I dream of making living as a writter.

Is Final Fantasy XIII a really a worth buying good game?

Hey Buddies!

I've dedicated a little more time to meet people in gamespot, and I was impressed by how many cool People I found. I don't have many friends (maybe a little bit more than 10) but they are all good people, or seem to be, at least.

Well, this blog is most because I forgot to ad a cool game to my list of games I might buy this fall, one list that is making my life miserable, and I wish I didn't remember this title, because doing it made my decision harder and my life more miserable. The game is Final Fantasy XIII.

Now, I've seen a lot of people saying good things about this game, and a lot of bad things as well. Not Really bad things, but I heard some people saying that it is bad when you compare it to other FF classics. I never played the classics... (he looks to the distance, ashamed of himself)I wanted, but never got to. So, What I want to know is if it's a good, worth buying game when you don't consider the rest of the games of the franchise. so, is it?

I can't stop thinking about it. What game, what game? So little money, I can only buy one.

That's it, for now. I'll have a lot of time to think about what game to buy, but I'll warn you guys by now, you don't get to slap me if I make a stuped choice, ok? Or maybe you do, if it is with the back of the hands, like the italians do.

Bye buys.

EDIT: Ohh yeah, If you didn't see my list of games to buy this fall, it was my previous blog (I have writen only 5 blogs, so you won't get lost while searching).


The title sucks, yeahh. I don't know how it is in the US, but here in Brazil, "buaaa" is how people cry in comic books. And i think thats funny. The word doesn't sound like a cry in portuguese, it must make even less sense in english.

Well, I'm crying because I should have a 1mb internet conection by now, but the "internet people" couldn't install it because of some issues. I'll have to wait for them to come back friday, and that sucks.

I was thinking here with myself: I don't remember saying tanks to @SpaceAngelCyn for making my banner, and thats really a bad thing, I guess, considering how much she helped me and that she's the only one who as been reading the blog so far (will probably be the only one to read this). Well, Thank you very very very much SpaceAngelCyn!! Although temporary, the banner rocks, and you have my eternal serventie.

Now, this week I was reading that Majora's Mask creepy pasta that was really well made by Jesudable. You'll find lots of people saying it's really scary, or even that it's real, and it's not, but it is really creative, it has MM and I loved it. I won't tell anything about the story, you guys can find out in http://www.youshouldnthavedonethat.net/. The guy (or chic) should definitely consider making horror stories as a living. That thing got me entertained the whole wednesday, saving me from getting miserable for having to wait for one more week for getting the internet (lots of "for's" there).

And today I'm in a good mood. I finished Metroid Zero Mission again, I had forgot how cool that ending was. And I listened the Zero Mission theme lots of times. Everytime I play, it's hard to press start because I want to keep listening to the theme. Only problem with that game is that it is short, painfully short.

While I still have this hellish internet, I will try to finish Super Metroid. I remember playing it to the end some years ago, but never finishing it, because Riddley was really hard to kill.

Now, this hole internet thing is making my decision of what game to buy for christmas really hard. I never, ever had one decent internet conection, so I never purchase games that are only fun to be played online (except for Little Big Planet, because sackpersons are really awesome,I couldn't resist). Now there're some thousand more cool games to buy.

I was going to buy the Fallout: New Vegas collerctor's edition, because I'm really a fan of Fallout and if has lots of gameplay time, something awesome for a person like me, that can only buyone game every 6 months. But then there's Gran Turismo 5, that is awesome and I don't have any car racing game. There is The Force Unleashed 2, witch I will probably love, because I am the world's most sick Star Wars fan, but then it will probably take me one day or two to finish the game, and I'll have to wait for another 6 months to play another(I have an anxiety problem when it comes to new stuffI purchase, because I just fell bad when I'm not playing it, and I fell so much anxiety to play it, so I and up finishing games really fast, just like Assassin's Creed 2, that took me just 2 days.AndI only played half of the time I stood awaked, some 5/4 hours). So the FNV sounds perfect right? But then, one year from now, they release New Vegas GOTY edition, and I feel like I've been fooled. And in January will be released Little Big Planet 2, anotherone that I've been anticipating for a long time.

Aside from these ones, there's Heavy Rain, one that I want since the very first second that folowed it's release, Final Fantasy XIII, that also has a great amount of gameplay time, and would be my very first FF chapter (and lightening is hot), and Bad Company 2, that I didn't care when it was released, but now that I'll have one good net, the idea of blowing buildings with tanks in multiplayer sounds great.

I can only get ONE! Now, tell me, thats unfair right? Another reason to say buaaaa.

Ahh, day by day by day...

So, it has come to this... Darth Vader loses, Kerrigan wins and 60% of the GameSpot nation gets happy while the 30% that includes me gets miserable. How is that a villain that masters the Dark Force, has a black cape, a cool helmet and James Earl Jones's voice can lose? I simply don't understand.

Well, it's life. Sometimes the villain just can't take the control of the universe, witch sucks. In this context, I mean. While I get miserable with these facts, I get happy with one thing: I'll get a broadband connection, probably this week, of 1 mb!!!!! Ahh, life gets easier when you have a better net connection, specialy when you're usued to work with a dial up speed, like me. I will get a lot less lazy upon adding games to my lists, seeing videos and looking for new friends. I'll also be able to play Little Big Planet every day, witch is awesome.

I guess I'll be playing Metroid Zero Mission again while my internet is still dial up. Other M made me remember and miss my Metroid Prime so much... I guess I finish one Metroid per year only because of these memories. But I'll have to finish it on Visualboy Advance because I don't have the game and it's impossible to find it in stores, not the original version (lots of pirate versions around here). If someone knows where I can buy one, please tell me, I would trade my soul for this game.

I guess thats it for now. I'll be bloging a lot more once I have created a big comunity here, right now I got to work a lot on my personal blog, witch is why i've been bloging so little. Well, when I get a speedy conection things may change a lot.

The Legend of Zelda. (spoilers)

Hey peaple!!!!! I'm really excited now because i just found out that my personal blog is pumping, had 500 visitations yesterday. Turns out that i was having a lot more visitations than I thought I was, but my visit counter sucked, so I changed it and... Blam!!! I guess I'll be ready to take over the world if it continues to grow. But thats all thanks to a friend of mine. I would recomend you guys going in there, but I'm afraid it's all in portuguese. I'll post the link in the end, if you want to see it anyway. I gess all I wanted to say is... I'm Happy!!!! :) But, well, this post is most about Zelda. I really love the Zelda chapters, played some ten or eleven of them, and I'm back at them because last week I was playing Twilight Princess on my cousin's Wii (I already finished it on Gamecube years ago). I started remembering that, when I was a kid, I started to read one Zelda Forum (in portuguese as well, and it doesn't exists anymore, sadly). I remember dreaming about TP on these cruel years that Nintendo made us wait for it, aways delaying the releasing date. Anyway, there was a lot of Hype, as aways, I tryed to stay away from the spoilers (there were many), but I couldn't bear to wait without dreaming and increasing the effect of the Hype in my head. When it finally came out... I couldn't find it, in any stores! My hands were itchy and my head was about to explode. I had a lot of work to find the first Brazilian store around here with the game. When I finally had it, I played it so much, so much, but I didn't feel the time at all. My notes at school went down and playing videogames was sudenlly forbiden, it stood that way for some weeks. Then I finished it. I remember peaple at the forums making some war, some thinking that TP lived in the shadow of Ocarina of Time, others thinking it was better then OOT for some reasons. So, whyle I was at my grandma's, and I was playing TP again, remembering the parts of the game I like the most, I started thinking of what I thought about these too, and lots of others Zelda chapters as well. You see, some Zelda fans are like some Fallout fans (don't take this as an insult, let me explain). You see, almost every Fallout fan I find on the web hates Fallout 3, saying it is bad written and that the engine sucks. Some Zelda fans hate Twilights Princess, first because the name of the game got screwed after the Twilight Saga, the books about suspicious vampires and absolutelly horrible and scary werewolfs, came out, and second because it had a lot of OOT stuff that were just "recicled" and put back in the series, even some songs. While I completely disagree from the Fallout fans, I can't do the same with these Zelda ones, not entirelly. I love TP. That is true. I had some bosses, some temples and even some songs recicled from OOT. That is also true. At my point of view, that makes my nostalgic feelings for OOT make the game more fun, although it gets a bit repetitive sometimes, I agree. Also, Twilight Princess had not only recicled stuff, it came with something that no other Zelda chapter had done in ages, not with that depth. Imagine: you're at a temple, a big one, and you see a cool sword attached to the floor. You go to the place where the sword is and you take her off the floor. Suddenly you see yourself in a blue crazy place with a fat old man saying that you're some kind of hero and that you need to get come collored coins to make a rainbow bridge to a black floating castle and kill a green guy. Now, you would do as he says or would you think you're on crack? Maybe I have exaggerated a little bit (:D), but what I mean to say with this is that, although OOT is a great game, somethings in it don't seem very natural. Zelda is, in my opinion, a really uninteresting character, her persoality is a bit poor, she seems almost like a saint and she aways gets in the way. The fact that she is Sheik is kinda cool, i agree, but there's no Sheik in the other games and she is the even more boring (she is great if you consider that most of the others were for Snes and Nes). Except for Wind Waker, I love Tetra, she is a funny and really lovable character through most of the game, unitill she finds out that she is the princess of Hyrule and then she gets boring. Well, in TP, Link's reasons for doing bravery stuff aren't really about the safety and happyness of the hyruleans or the princess at the begining. Some monsters take his girl and some kids from his village and he has to go after them, but suddenly he gets turned into a wolf, and the only one that seems capable of helping him is Midna, My favorite character in all Zelda series, the anoying little creature from the twilight realm (I'm trying not to show many spoilers here, so if you never played the game and wants to, get out now and play it before you get back). Midna forces Link to do some work for her in his way to save the kids (a lot of work), and she is obviously planning on something bigger, you just don't know what it is. But you get to know about her throughout the game and you get to save the kids after some playing time. As you progress, you find out a lot of stuff about Midna, and she turns from anoying to lovable. It was a pain to think that she died at the end, I was really mad at Ganondorf for doing it, but he was really weak, easy to take payback, and she comes back at the end after all (I warned about the spoiler thing). In the end, Twilight Princess had the character with the most rich backstory, like Midna, Zant and... ohh, well, I can't remember right now, and though it's story was had a lot of A Link to The Past, the game had good and strong, or at least natural, reasons for things to happen (most of the things). Wind Waker and Majora's Mask are two Zelda chapters that are so unique and interesting as TP, and they both suffered for being diferent. Wind Waker didn't fail at all for making loveble chaacter, with great expressions, but TP has my heart. At the end i made it sound like every OOT character sucks, but thats not true. I like Navy, Saria and some others, and they felt real as long as you take them seriously (specially Saria), but not as real as some TP's or WW's characters. I think that diferent times make different games, and TP and OOT hava a lot of diferences intead of being the same, so diferent that it's impossible to me to compare those two. Majora's Mask got a special place at my heart too, i love his diferent dungeons, the masks and ideas, and they all should be loved, not hated. What a big post just to say that I like Zelda... Ohh, well, that teaches you guys how moody I can be. I'm not playing any new game right now, games cost around 200 R$ here, witch is a lot, so I'll be talking a lot about old games I like and some old games that I might play, some that I haven't played yet. I could talk a bit about the things I do, if you guys like these kind of thing, I actually don't like to read them on other people blogs when they talk too much about it, but I like to blog about anything, so I'll be more than able to do it. I'll come back to talk a bit more of the games I like, just wait! Ohh ,yeah, the blog's link. it is www.gorilasdemarte.blogspot.com (it's called "Gorilas de Marte", something like Gorillas From Mars, my firend talks about music and I talk about games, we are looking for someone to talk about animes, even if the person talks only in english.).

My First Post!!! I'm soo happy!!! (Top 10 OST also)


This is my blog, my very first post on Gamespot. I'm going to start by explaining my name: While i was searching for Leir Bag on google (for curiosity only), i had some sad dicoveries. Turns out there are some DJs and some bag stores with that name. This nick, Leir_Bag, is nothing more than my name backwards, separeted by "_" to look like something else and not just my name backwards.

With that explained, i bet that 80% of you guys have already tryed to read my name backwards now. Yeah, thats my name! So... i have to say that i am not a frequent blogger, by frequent i mean "blogs one time per 5 minutes". I may post 3 times a week or once a month depending on my mood. Yeah, also, because i am a moody person, i may blog about one topic lots of times. I'll try to keep variating but it's hard to me, sometimes i blog only about one franchise, than i drastically change and start blogging about another, keep changing.

So... i think it's a strange thing that i'm making a top 10 thing in my first post here, peaple probably wait a bit, making reviews and other stuff, but since it was a top 10 list that i read that made me come here and make my blog, i think that making a top 10 list is the best thing for me to begin my comunity here on GS.

Before i start the list, only one thing: My banner sucks. Dont say that i doesn't because it does, it sucks, a lot, because i suck at making those images. If a good, generous soul that may wander around here wants to help me, you just tell, i'm all ears. I'll eventually change it, even if nobody helps, but it may take a while.

Now, to the list: My top 10 OST list is not going to be a lot variated, i think. I love japanese culture, all of it, animes, mangas, their game **** etc, but i don't know a lot of OSTs coming from there, so, i think that my list is going to be almost all from here, ocident, i mean.

10 - Metal Gear Saga, from Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of The Patriots.

One true masterpiece, i think, i just loved the battle against Ocelot at the end, in the cutscenes, the final part of the song comes in right before the fight begins. So amazing!!!!

Youtube's link here

9 - Metroid Prime Theme (don't know if that is really the name), from Metroid Prime.

All soundtrack from the game is awesome, you don't even have to like that kind of song to find if perfect for the game. The main menu and the credits have this same song.

Youtube's link here

8 - Afro Samurai, the Kuma Battle (that is not the name, i know, believe me, i searched for it and coudn't find).

I repeated the battle with Kuma overand over again just for the music, and believe me, i hate that kind of music, but i couldn't stop, it fits, ohh it fits, fits perfectly with the game, with the anime, hell, i bet you could read the manga while hearing the music and it would be awesome. I gess if i liked the genre i would like a lot more and this would be third or second on the list.

Youtube's link here

7 - Clock Tower (Song of Healing), from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.

I swear i am not imitading you SpaceAngelCyn ! Believe me, i downloaded this song and heard it some 15 times in a row when i was a kid. I did the same with Bolero of Fire, from Ocarina of Time, and it was awesome as well, but not so simple and perfect as this one. Sooo sad.... it heals.

Youtube's link here

6 - Metroid Zero Misson Theme, from Metroid Zero Mission.

I gess i liked the new Metroid songs way more way more than the old ones (the old ones being on Snes and Nes titles). I loved this song from the moment i heard. I dont know, i gess most peaple dodn't care for this one, but it really makes me feel the loneliness that, in my opinion, the Metroid series try to give to players. To see Samus wandering around alone, remembering of her past, while hearing this song, is awesome.

Youtube's link here

5 - The Best Is Yet To Come - Metal Gear Solid.

Memories... aww memories!!!! This song makes me go back some 10 years, when i was 6 and loved Metal Gear Solid. I brigs me so much peace... The ending of the game was really awesome, i dont remember much, but i remember Naomi talking after this song, about life, and it was... perfect.

Youtube's link here

4 - Bolero of Fire - The Legend of Zelda Ocerina of Time.

I think Zelda hits the spot of my childhood pretty deep. I remember downloading a complete, longer version of this song that was really nice, and i loved it.

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3 - Snake Eater - Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.

I never finished this Metal Gear, never finished any PS2 chapter of the series, i heard this song on Guns of The Patriots, and i loved to punch Ocelot while hearing it. What can i say? I loved it, it's on the list after all :D.

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2 - Ethan Mars Theme - Heavy Rain.

Another game i never played, but loved just for seeing. I still watch the Heavy Rain trailer over and over just to hear the great soundtrack. Not just awesome, this song really goes deep, one that deserves to be heard. Hear it, if you haven't heard it yet.

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1 - Midna's Lament - The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess.

Funny, i was saying that all this songs reminded me of my childhood and then, the first one of the list is a new game (if 2006 is new for you, it is for me). This song, i think, is the best i heard in the series, it is so simple enough to get in our heads, complex enough to make we cry to death, and fits the moment, one unique moment, that it makes appearance in the game. When Midna gets weak because of Zant's surprise attack at the end of the water temple and you have toget her to zelda, i wanted the moment never to end.

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So, not a great list, but it's a list, one i really love (i used this word a lot, i know). I hope you like it, never made a top 10 thing, not even in my personal blog, and i hope you liked enough to come here another time. Though decision on these last two, both great masterpieces.

well, see you in some three days, i hope!:D

Ohh yeah, i forgot, you guys can tell me what you think of my way of doing things, make sugestions, speak your mind, i need that because i don't really know what you guys like,top 10 lists, reviews, etc. I'll give a cookie to the guy that gives me a good tip.

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