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(in)Glorious Rising

Hey fellas.


It's been ages since I did my last blog. I guess I kinda got carried away with other stuff and let go of this blogging, even though I really like talking about gaming...

You'll notice I was blogging more about mangas and stuff than gaming. Well, I tstill have my mangas, I just find a hard time reading and trowing money at them when I'm being constantly swallowed by games and duties*.

You'll notice a small star when reading the "duties" word on the last paragraph. Well, I guess since it's been a long time, I better introduce myself again and see if you guys get interested: I'm a 18 year old boy (man? I don't feel like one yet) and I'm studing hard to go to law school. I live in Brazil, which is a sucky, **** place for gamers and tecnology alike because you need pay a buckload of taxes to pay for stuff. This means I get to buy 3 - 4 games per year, if I'm lucky. It also means I play a lot of older or smaller, indie games that I can find on the internet bacause they are cheaper (but just as good as the newer ones, most times). Because I have to study a lot, I get stressed and tired, and games are the best remedy for me, the adventure ones. I also enjoy talking about games and what makes me like them, and that brings me here. I'm hoping I can make this blogging thing my escape valve when I'm really tired or reading and stuff.

If you have read this far into this blog, then I thank you. I will be writting here again, and if you guys can leave comments, just to show that you care if i'm dead or alive, that'd be great.

Just one thing, and plase remember this and keep it in your heart forever: Brazilians DON'T speak spanish. I know it's a common mistake, but it's nice to just leave it there.There's no excuses now :)

Ressaca Friends!!!!!


Today was finaly the so antecipated day that I would go to paradise, and spend some bucks on apples (it's a metafore, I went in an anime event and purchased some mangas).

Sooooooo AWESOME!

The beginning was exiting! Well, the begining was boring actually, 'cause I waited three hours on the line before entering, but then it got exiting once I was there. The first place to go,: The comics store (called Comix!). It was a war. People slashing other people's throats in order to get rare mangas, and then lot's of people running to get to the store, and then the store was sooo full, and I had to go fast. Thankfully, I waited three hours on the line, witch mean I got there REALLY early, so I was almost the first guy in line and when I got to Comix, it was kinda empty (it got full in less than thirty seconds). I had some time (thirty seconds) to find what I wanted.

I must have purchased some 50 mangas.

Let's see: 23 volumes of Sakura Card Captors (no number one, I'm afraid. They were selling the number one for 100 bucks in the event, because it's really rare, and I'm not paying that. I'll find it on the internet for some 20 bucks, you'll see)

14 volumes of Chobits (no number 1 and 2. Both freaking rare)

11 volumes of Love Hina (same problem, but worse. I have the 4, 5, 8, 9, 11, 12, 17, 18, 22, 24, 25, and 26. already found the first one for 20 buck on the net)

Elfen Lied's fifth volume. I lacked this one.

High School of The Dead's third volume.

Evangelion's 19, 20, 21, 23. (already have 22)

Fairy Tail's second volume.

So, fifty five mangas. Thats a whole lot of manga to me!

Every Chobits costed 3 bucks and every Love Hina 2,something, and every Sakura costed 2. I had to buy it. So I have almost the whole collection!


Next time I'm going as a Ganondorf cosplay. Yeah, just like he is on Twilight Princess. It's going to be awesome!

Ohh yeah, My firends took a lot of pictures of the event, but I lack a camera, so they'll send me the pictures and I'll put them in here. They're so awesome!!!!

This was a big day to me. A whole lot of fun, really. It's nice to go to a place where everybody enjoys the same thing that you do, specialy if it's sbout mangas.

So... I guess that's it. I'll make my top ten fav foods blog next week, as suggested by @Pink_Kikka . Today 'it's just about the event.

Stay Well!!!!!

Yesterday's adventure, one decision made, one to go.


How's everyone doing? I'm just great!

Yesterday I went out with a friend, it was pretty good. Well, at first, I thought it would suck, because I had to wait some 40 minutes for my friend to arrive, and then we were going to the movies, but we lost the sesion because... he was 40 minutes late...

But I wasn't in the mood to go to the movies anyway, it was he that wanted to watch that movie about Facebook. So we eat and we went to a game store. I usually only check out the games and say nothing, but this time I asked the guy, one of the clerks, what to do of my very very hard decision I had to make.

He was really cool. We talked for some 40 minutes about games and stuff. He started by asking what I like and showed me some of the ones I already know: Red Dead, New Vegas, Dead Rising, etc, etc. Then he stopped. He said: ever hear of a game named Vanquish? Me: Yes, but I don't know much about it. Him: Let me show you a video.

He played an AWESOME trailer on the TV, and right after it ended, I said : Okay, I just made my decision.

So, Vanquish it'll be.

But it wasn't just that. He then talked about an event that I didn't know anything about. The Fair Play day (or Fair Game day, lots of translations) is a day that will happen later this january and will ba a day that some games will be free of import taxes and all kinds of taxes, so, a new game that usually costs some 199 R$ will be costing some 89R$, and that is awesome.

So, one more chance of buying a new game. If I still have money on this day, I'll be getting Little Big Planet 2, supposing, of couse, that it'll be one of the chosen ones for the Fair Play day.

After the game store, we went for the shopping center's library for mangas, but there was nothing I liked. I wanted Evangelion 23. So, we decided to go to another library, just accross the street (I mean, just accros the avenue). It was a long way to the library, and it was raining, so we got really wet.

And after getting wet as hell, guess what? No Evangelion 23 at that library as well. I have only seen it in one place: the supermarket, but tha't a long way from that library. So I decided to buy something else, since this library has way more manga that the shopping one had.

No first editions, I'm afraid. I had to buy the fourth edition of Highschool of The Dead. I was interested in this one for a long time, and now I'll buy the rest of the volumes at day 18 of this month, in the manga event.

My first notes of HOTD: Hot girls, panties and zombies!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

So, that's it. It's time for me to make a decent blog, another top 10 list, perharps. Give suggestions!

PS: One weird thing: after we got to that second library, I noticed that I was way more wet than my friend. I've been thinking of that, the rain probably chose me because I'm black (or almost).

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions...


This can't take too long so I'm cutting to the chase: My friend, my best best friend, aways travels to USA to visit places and buy stuff. Sometimes he brings games with him, games for me :). The cool thing is that he says I can relax and pay him back when I got the money, that is, some months after he buys. One time he brought be Assassin's Creed 2 and said it was a birthday gift and that I didn't need to pay back. See how cool he is?

So, I have a chance, unique chance, of getting one more game this year. Problem is, I don't know what game to take. If he were going to atsy there untill later january I'd definitely pick up Little Big Planet 2, but he won't. But there's still a lot of games to pick, and I'd like some suggestions.

There's Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. Yes, I love AC. There's Gran Turismo 5, this I'd like to pick up because I have no racing games. There's Black Ops, but I don't know about this one, all Call of Dutys are really small, they rely on multiplayer too much. There's Fallout New Vegas, I LOVE Fallout, but this one is buggy, There's Red Dead Redemption, because I aways wanted to be in a Clint Eastwood movie, There's Heavy Rain, that I'm really interested in, and Modnation Racers, again, because I have no racing game and I love to "play, create, share.

That would be all, I think. I need help with this, too much games and I get to pick only one.

School's Out For Summer!

I'm writing this from my school's computer. Yes, this is my last day of school, I'm counting the seconds to get out of this hellhole!

So, this is the beggining of my holydays! Now, someone please tell me, why holydays are called holydays? I mean, I know they are holy, to me, at least :), but that must not me the reason... They can't be holy to everyone, can they? (they can)

And remember the blog about Evangelion being published here one more time? It's truth!!!!! YAY!!!! :D. They're starting by the ones that weren't published last time, witch I think is 22, 23, 24 and 25, and then they'll go back to the first one. I have the 22 in my bag right now, and it makes me happy that it won't end like the anime, that had a really inconclusive ending.

Really small image... Coudn't find anything bigger. I like the fact that it has Misato on the cover, she's my favorite character. And she's really detailed on the cover.

I was at the comic store, searching for something interesting to buy, and I almost got the fifth volume of Rosario + Vampire.I don't enjoy any of the load of vampiristic stuff that was released along with Twilight, but I never judge a book (manga) by it's cover, actually, the cover caught my attention, and the fact that itcosted 10 bucks for some 200 pages (full tankobon) and Evangelion costed 7,90 for 90 pages (half tankobon), and at first, I felt like being robbed. But then, I looked a lot at the Evangelion manga and I realised that it has a greater quality of paper and cover, not those newspaper like paper that gets yellow really fast. I still feel robbed, but that made me feel better :P.

Get's your atention, right?

So, someone knows if Rosario + Vampire is like that homo stuff that Twilight unleashed over our planet or is it original, or OK at least?

Besides that, nothing going on. I'm counting the days for Ressaca Friends (the manga event), that's in 19th of this month, and counting seconds to get out of school. Still some hours left.

Long time GS!


I know nobody missed me. People are probably saying "why is that he had to come back? It was so good without him!" well, buck* it, i'm back.

The reason I was gone for so long, the important thing keeping me away is... nothing :P. Well, I've been playing a lot of Ragnarok and doing stuff, so, i've been kinda busy. With nothing really important, as aways.

I've never really been a MMORGP player, but I remember very well that, when I was a kid, I had purchased the Ragnarok installment CD to play it at home. Of course, I was too little and did not know that it would totaly suck in my dial up internet, but fortunately, in sucked but it was quite playable.

Soo, it's nice to finaly play it with a decent internet. and I've been playing like hell.

Anyway, one more day of school and I'll be finaly free!!!! Yes, schooooooool's out.... for.. summer!!!!

And, this thursday I went in my school's sebo (in portuguese, "sebo" is the word used to call a store that sells used comics, books and stuff. There's probably a word in english for that, but I don't feel like searching...) and I found one Akira's old edition, in portuguese, of course, and it wasn't the first one, in was chapter 27. I purchased it anyway, it was only 1 R$.

Again, I would put pictures of the manga in this blog but i have zero cameras. I'll make sure to get one borrowed from a friend when I go to that anime/manga event later this month, and then I'll take pictures of everything - even myself (maybe) - and put it here.

Sooooo, I haven't been doing nothing, and I was thinking of something. I can't joing the american's Ragnarok servers, but maybe one of you could join me in the Brazilian's one? Would be quite an adventure! It's free to play, just for you to know...

I just downloaded Lucky Star's first chapter. I think I'm going to watch now. See you guys some other time, and i'll make sure to do it sooner :D!

Evangelion on Brazil! (again), Fairy tail, K-on second season and music.

Hai people.

I'll begin shortly, because right now, I running the danger of sleeping in my keyboard. Well, not so much because of the time, but I'm feeling kinda ill today. Anyway...

So, I watched K-on's second season first episode and, what can i say? K-ON!

I loved yui's acoustic intro in the first episode so much that I learned it. In fact, not only that, I can play Don't Say Lazy (first season ending) and My Love Is a Stapler (this one has a japanease name impossible to remember, so..)

And I liked the fact that nobody enters the club for now. Let it be like that for a while, 'cause I can't get tired of those characters. Hopefully, I've read somewhere that there will be no love interests for the girls, witch is also great for me. It's not that I don't like romance, but the anime is so purely and uncommonly fun, that introducing common boys and love feelings would be sooo boring. Let it be simply funny and happy, as it already is!

So, the EVA stuff. Once there was a time, a long long past time, and there was a brasilian publisher interested in publishing Neon Genesis Evangelion here (lets call in company "C", for it's name is Conrad). So they did it, untill the brazilian releases were exactly at the same volume as the japanese releases. But, as time passed on, that publisher C started to suck, and company J (named JBC) started being the best manga publisher. So JBC will re-launch the manga on brasil an publish the 4 or 5 japanese releases that C couldn't publish on those 9 years of the manga in portuguese. JBC is also publishing the Fairy Tail manga, as a matter of fact, I have in my hands the very first volume! and my first impression is... Crazy! But nice, fun to read, from the beggining to the end (of the first chapter).

I also purchased the Elfen Lied manga volume 6. Yeah, Mariko is blond on the manga. Weird, right? Gives her a completely diferent look. Well, I really don't mind her changing. My favorite will aways be Nana. her hair is purple on the manga, by the way, not pink.

And thats it. Can someone suggest me a music to learn on the guitar? Doesn't have to be a OST, you know.

Ohh, yeah, I completely forgot...

Well, maybe I shouldn't say this, but I purchased Tokio Mew Mew's first volume as well. I mean... I purchased it to my sister.... yes, my sister...

Seriously now, I purchased it for my sister, but that didn't keep me for reading, and, well, It's kinda cool, but really a girl manga. Sooo pink.

Now I'm done. Probably going to sleep now. You see, I live my life in a very special way: I can stay awake for several hours, way more than a common person, but I'm aways sleepy. Really sleepy.

Wish me a good nigh of sleep. I'll wish you all a good day tomorrow. Please come back to read more because this is pointless without people reading. I love you all, in a totaly heterosexual way.

Ohh, yeah, I forget this all the time, Code Geass is to be released be JBC on Brazil too. I hear a lot about this manga around gamespot. More on that another day, I need some sleep or i just might die. Good night.

The sociological reasons why violent games are inofensive.

I love my sociology classes, and I have the best sociology teacher on Brazil.

One time, we were disscussing about violence on games. He likes games (he borrowed me Uncharted 2 and God of War collection) and he absolutely agrees that violence on games is inofensive. I thought his arguments were solid and interesting enough to be put here, after all, I promissed a real blog this time, right?

The discrimination that happens with violent games starts by one of the basics of sociology, that is violence. Violence is when an event, a common event, gets brutally different from what's common. Physical violence, moral violence, they all are the same in this context.

What makes a person violent is creation. When you're a kid, sometimes you do wrong things and your parents have to punish you. The right thing to do is teach, through dialoge, why the child has done bad things, why those things are bad and the child will accept the punishment. Example of a punishment: not going out on the weekend, or not being able to play games for a week, etc, etc.

But our society has a way of easy paths. It's a lot of work, to teach a child from wrong and right, to understand her and help. Sometimes the stress is so much, or tireness, and the parents only give a hard punishment, sometimes using violence. This is easier, they think, and the child wont do anything bad for a while. What they don't know is that this cripples the child forever, for the child wont use of dialogue to solve it's own problems. Instead, the child will use of the same easy path of the parents: violence.

This generates a lot of problems to the child, and to the people around her. Bulling on schools is one example, because this child will use of violence agains the one's that use of dialogue. this generates more problems.

When a bunch of bullyed geeks get some weapons and shoot some bullys in school, what people almost aways says is that it happened because of violent games, because after all, the geek assassin's parents almost aways use of dialogues and teach their kids well. So it can only be violent games, right? Wrong. You see, when you are bullyed at school, people almost never understand that staying there makes you feel terrible. The parents almost never understand and keep their sons there, in their school, untill the kid(s) explode, or find a gun and shoot somebody, or try suicide, etc, etc. After all, you can only tolerate someone bullying you to some point.

In the end, it's got nothing to do with games, right? Well, here comes the part where I repeat: We like easy paths, and there is nothing easy on diving into problems like that, finding solutions and exposing them. What we do is way more simple, we find something easy to point out, something that, in theory, could, or could not, have triggered a killing or any crime. Drugs, debts, intrigues, stuff like that, and then someone notices that the criminal likes to play violent games, and in absence of anything else, they blame those games, that are completely inofensive in the middle of all that.

If we think a little bit, there is violence in lots of older cartoons and comics, even the Loovey Tunes got a bit of violence (the older episodes, not new ones). Our parents and grand parents lived that time and they're not violent (my parents aren't, dunno 'bout yours). So, this is all about creation of our children and understanding of people's minds.

This may not have been a blog about games after all, but it's a bit more usefull than most of the things I blog about, right? Sorry for tiping errors or gramatical errors as well, it's probably not perfect. Credits go to my sociology teacher, he's the most awesome teacher ever!

If someone says that violent games are awfull to you, counter back with this!

Stay well, hope you enjoyed!

Finaly Free!

Freedom of the high speed internet! I shaw make a statue in honor of that.

Yes, it's been some time, I wanted to wait untill I had flash's internet to make my first high speed blog. I gotta say, IT FEELS... almost the same. I mean, the same to write, but way easier to pick some images and videos, so yay! Now I can fly through the web and satan won't pull me down anymore.

I AM going to download K-on's second season. I am going to blog way more. I am going to visit the forums more often. I am going to read mangas online. I am going to watch a lot of stuff on youtube. I am going to waste time listing those things...

I've been trying to choose the mangas to buy next month and I'll absolutely take Chobits. I read some three chapters online, witch is enouth to see if I get interested and not so much to spoil lots of stuff, and you can get happy Cynthia (or not...), I loved it. Funny and lovely, and even better, cheap. I can buy the hole thing and still be with a lot of money in my pocket. It is really well drawnned, unlike Elfen Lied manga or Naruto manga, this is, in my opinion. No perspective errors and body structure is awyas perfect, as well as face expressions, I'd give A+ it, if this was a review.

I've been, however, having problems choosing what to buy with the rest of my money, since chobits is really cheap. I spend it all on what (I will spend it all, have no doubt about that)? Maybe I'll search for Soul Eater chapters in english on the event, or Haruhi.

Or save the money to buy LBP 2 next year (I wont be able to do that, I can't hold myself when mangas are in front of me). Well, this my first High speed blog, trying to be quick to watch anuimes, read mangas and stuff, but keep reading. I might make a real blog sometime.

Ressaca Friends!!!

Hai people!

So... this blog is one more question that is going to decide the way my life is going through...

Some friends asked me if I'm going to the ressaca friends festival. It is a anime/manga festival, full of mangas, animes, cosplays and otakus, so off course I said yes! Everything that is sold there costs 20% less than it would in the actuall stores, so, I'll buya lot of stuff.

But... there is one problem. I... don't know what I want! I mean, I don't know much mangas, and the one's I know I'm not interested in. I've been told that Haruhi is great, but unfortunately, there is still no Haruhi on Brasil :(. I've been told there is a manga that is entirelly chibi stile, but I don't know it's name.

If you guys have ANY suggestions for mangas, I'd apreciate you sharing them with me. I'll give some cookies to the guy that helps me the more!

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