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Ouya is such a disaster. I have no idea what possessed me to back their original Kickstarter, but I never did end up hooking my Ouya up. Instead I traded it for Metal Slug and Metal Slug X for my Neo Geo. Good trade in my book.famicommander
Sounds like it
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Here you go.

And here's a tip - play PS:T like an adventure game - explore the beautiful, unique world wile being engrossed by the fantastic music track, talk with the brilliantly written people, solve problems/puzzles trough various, interesting means and advance the fantastic storyline that'll be engraved in your mind for a long time. What can change the nature of a man?

Keep the combat to a minimum (9 times out of 10 you can avoid combat all together) because it's not good and can get quite boring.

Raise Wisdom, Intelligence, Dexterity to 13, then Charisma. Use friendship spell to raise charisma more. Best way to play and get all the options.
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Link talking about it


Ouya is helping to support indie Kickstarter games that earn over $50,000 on Kickstarter by matching what they earn, as long as the game remains exclusive to the Ouya for at least six months.

Ignoring that this already sounds like a bad idea, you can see other potential problems with it by just looking at the above Kickstarter. They have earned over $78,000....from 127 people, none of them have taken the larger tier rewards and they aren't even close to selling out their early backer tiers that give you the game at an even cheaper price.

Ouya says they are excited that the Kickstarter is a success and are excited to support them.

The developers said they just received big donations and are friends with a lot of people in Silicon Valley, tech entrepreneurs in San Fransisco, and professional sports people.

There's definitely something happening. Checking the backers, there's a couple of duplicates, with people with the same surname having decided to back the same project. And even in the case that a person with the same name decided to back the same project, and this is their only project that they backed.

I do apologise if I'm seen as being overly aggressive or negative, but the backer list is ridiculous. It's not one or two people who happen to share the name/image of celebrity.
There's a definite pattern. Not all are celebrities One of the images is even a missing woman, and another is a fugitive. Others are of professors, staff, university students, images unlikely to be used by someone else as a profile pic.
Not wanting to be accussatory, but I just don't know who else would be profiting from this if not the creator of the project.

Even if someone just gave them a lot of money and didn't feel like taking one of the higher rewards this is still pretty sad to see Ouya supporting a game with so much money that no one seems to really care about.

I guess if an Ouya dev is able to get $75,000 in funding from one person the Ouya promotion is a nice way to get some extra money. I would assume it all came from one person, because if they really had a lot of friends giving at least $700 each you would think that some of them would take the large rewards.

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I own seven and have rented four since launch.
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Catherine and Deadly Premonition. Not that strange compared to some other games I know about
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When I was about three, Wolfenstein 3D. Not long to a few years later I would have played Doom, Duke Nukem 3D, Quake, and Goldeneye.
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No, some of the past and how things work in the series has some things in common with Babylon 5. Why do people like to post about Mass Effect copying things that don't even make sense.
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Neighbour Johnnie Scott told "Where did she have the gun?
A still image from Grand Theft Auto IV

"Where did he see the gun, was it in his eyesight? That's the thought that goes through my head."

My thoughts....





Maybe they gave a loaded gun to him as a gift with his copy of GTA.

sad part is he'll probably get off, since in Louisiana he apparently isnt old enough to be charged with a crime.

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Heavy Rain has worse writing than games that don't even focus on telling a story and it has terrible controls and voice acting as well. What's to love?

It was so bad it was one of the funniest games he's played maybe?

Eh, I personally don't think this reflects poorly on David Cage. This reflects poorly on Shuhei Yoshida. If he's not interested in the panel then he should have not gone. And if he's gonna go, then the most basic f***ing courtesy is to freaking pay attention.

That's true but David Cage reflects poorly on David Cage and I always enjoy everyone getting new material to make jokes.
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Rome 2 Arkham Origins Wasteland 2 Watch Dogs