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Racing is the only genre I have never liked at all. I hate cars and driving in real life and that seems to have carried over to games. I'm not a big fan of sports and rhythm games but I've gotten some enjoyment out of them in the past.
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On the Vita? Nothing. No real reason to pay more for games that have usually been out longer on the PC. Some of the games might have some improvements but if I've already beaten them I'm not going to pay full price (or more than I paid in the first place most likely) again that fast.

I really like that the Vita is supporting indie games but I have no reason to get those games on it.

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Hey look, a thread where I lose all respect for some posters.MethodManFTW

I think she's right that there's something wrong when a game gets showered with praise simply for showing women as actual people.

^ Yeah, one of the worst things you hear when people describe "great" female characters is when people talk about how "strong" she is. Where all strong really means is that she isn't a useless idiot, and if movies/games/books/etc are in such a poor position where all it takes to make a good female character is to not make her useless then that is just sad.
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That's a 14 year old? 

that's a girl?

^ and ^
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Rounded 10 or five star.
I think a rounded 10-point system would work perfectly fine if game reviewers actually used the whole scale. JML897
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[QUOTE="Legolas_Katarn"]Posted a thread about the football game a day or two ago. But "is ouya scamming", do you mean is Ouya being scammed? DragonHuntress7

I think the thread started means Ouya is scamming people. People have put a lot of money to see this project take hold and based on reviews and articles I've seen on this 'console' it would appear like  the money has been wasted on what is looking to be a pub-par device.

No, this thread is about Kickstarter games that people think are taking advantage of Ouya giving extra money to projects funded by Kickstarter. Nothing he wrote has anything to do with their console or their own Kickstarter, and as long as they created their console and gave the people who paid for it the console calling their Kickstarter a scam wouldn't even make sense.
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[QUOTE="raydog44"]Come on, the game is from 2009, why couldn't they at least give Vegas 2?XboxStache
^This. Nothing about Magic the Gathering interests me at all; and I'm sure everyone owns Rainbow Six Vegas. What a shitty list this month.

Rainbow Six Vegas is from 2006, and Vegas 2 is from early 2008.

Magic The gathering is a fun game if you like card games. Rainbow Six Vegas is an amazing game, how is that pathetic?

Magic is fine, nothing special but nothing to complain about but Vegas 1 and the game they were giving South America instead Shadowrun both sell online for $0.01.

The whining in here is amazing. Microsoft gives you FREE games and you turn around and backhand them for it.

It's a lazy poor effort that pales in comparison to other services, some that are free.
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I have nothing negative to say about Bethesda.luno-gamer
Other than publishing Dishonored I have only negative things to say about Bethesda in recent years.
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Posted a thread about the football game a day or two ago. But "is ouya scamming", do you mean is Ouya being scammed?
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Nice to lower the price and remove pointless features. It looks terrible though.