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Geez....I am getting old...My first experience with the MG franchise dates back to the days of the NESAreez

I was lucky enough to not play that one and to play the MSX versions later.

I have tremendous respect for him as a game designer (MGS1,3 and 4 and both ZOEs boast a lot of great gameplay/game design especially boss design) but his love of lengthy cinemas is getting more and more painful as time goes on

I didn't think he made the first ZOE. It's very unlikely to change even though he is a game designer and helped the stealth genre his focus has always seemed to have been on making games more movie like with Snatcher, Policenauts, ZOE 2, MGS, if you see his twitter account all he usually talks about is movies he is going to see, movies he has seen, and people who make movies that he has met/wants to meet/is with. I just take comfort in the fact that he doesn't act like David Cage.

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Solid Snake taught impressionable young men everywhere that the secret of wooing the girl of your dreams lies in a gravelly voice and an air of troubled mystery. That is supposed to work, right?

Or you just have to have a box if you go by Peace Walker.
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I noticed that I saw a lot more Subways then anything else while driving from Texas to Idaho when I moved last month.

A lot of them in gas stations, Wal-Marts, etc too.

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The only platform with horror games worth a damn. MFDOOM1983
Whatever, I'm going to go play Resident Evil. Now that's scary. I mean, dogs jump though windows and sometimes I run out of rocket launcher and magnum ammo, TRUE FEAR!
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Still waiting to be interested in one PS4 or Xbox One exclusive.
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Simpsons Arcade staying true to the original like a rerelease is supposed to

It wasn't a very good beat em up shortly after release and it's a terrible beat em up when compared to others in the genre now, that sounds like a pretty good reason to give it a low score.
ITT: A bunch of pathetic crybabies who can't get over a reviewer having opinions.darkspineslayer
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Threats are going to far but.....I can't help but be happy.
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I don't really care. The steak sauce I put on it is what I care about.
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No interest in anything but Zero Escape, which I own on the Vita. Bit.Trip is good, I've gotten two basically free on humble bundle though.
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Witcher 3, is this really even a contest? :looks at poll results: Oh, I guess not.