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I noticed that I saw a lot more Subways then anything else while driving from Texas to Idaho when I moved last month.

A lot of them in gas stations, Wal-Marts, etc too.

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Threats are going to far but.....I can't help but be happy.
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I don't really care. The steak sauce I put on it is what I care about.
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No interest in anything but Zero Escape, which I own on the Vita. Bit.Trip is good, I've gotten two basically free on humble bundle though.
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Witcher 3, is this really even a contest? :looks at poll results: Oh, I guess not.
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Racing is the only genre I have never liked at all. I hate cars and driving in real life and that seems to have carried over to games. I'm not a big fan of sports and rhythm games but I've gotten some enjoyment out of them in the past.
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On the Vita? Nothing. No real reason to pay more for games that have usually been out longer on the PC. Some of the games might have some improvements but if I've already beaten them I'm not going to pay full price (or more than I paid in the first place most likely) again that fast.

I really like that the Vita is supporting indie games but I have no reason to get those games on it.

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Hey look, a thread where I lose all respect for some posters.MethodManFTW

I think she's right that there's something wrong when a game gets showered with praise simply for showing women as actual people.

^ Yeah, one of the worst things you hear when people describe "great" female characters is when people talk about how "strong" she is. Where all strong really means is that she isn't a useless idiot, and if movies/games/books/etc are in such a poor position where all it takes to make a good female character is to not make her useless then that is just sad.
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That's a 14 year old? 

that's a girl?

^ and ^
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Rounded 10 or five star.
I think a rounded 10-point system would work perfectly fine if game reviewers actually used the whole scale. JML897